"Sanjeev Kumar Desired All-Sacrificing Wife...Seems Like A Caricature Of A Male Chauvinist," Said Hema Malini Once, Citing The Reason He Could Never Get Married; Read On
“Sanjeev Kumar Desired All-Sacrificing Wife…Seems Like A Caricature Of A Male Chauvinist,” Said Hema Malini Once Citing The Reason He Could Never Get Married(Photo Credit –Imdb/Instagram)

Late actor Sanjeev Kumar is well known for his distinctive voice and natural acting style. He is regarded for his versatile performances in Hindi cinema. While he’s an amazing actor, he came close to getting married more than a few times but could never land a wife.

Kumar even dated his co-star from Seeta Aur Geeta and Sholay, Hema Malini, but they, too, had a bad break up. Their unwillingness to ‘compromise’ and a few more misunderstandings spelled doom for their relationship. The veteran actress once even spoke about why they broke up. Scroll down to know.

During a conversation with Bhawana Somaaya for Junior G’s April 1991 issue, Hema Malini said that Sanjeev expected a docile wife, something she could never be. She said, “A Sanjeev Kumar who desired a stay-at-home, an all-sacrificing wife who would care for his aging mother and support him, while he mesmerized the audience and won accolades, seems like a caricature of a male chauvinist. But before judging him too harshly, let’s consider the era we are dealing with. Back in the day, it was common to look down upon women who chose to be a part of showbiz.”

Hema Malini Answers Why Sanjeev Kumar Couldn’t Settle Down

On reflecting on societal expectations, Hema Malini contemplates the traditional notion of an ‘ideal woman’ or ‘good wife.’ The description involves a woman prioritizing her family over personal aspirations, excelling as a homemaker, and supporting her husband’s success. The narrative acknowledges the evolution of societal norms, liberating women from this perceived burden. Hema suggested that the pursuit of an ‘ideal woman’ or ‘ideal man’ is a mythical concept, highlighting the example of Sanjeev Kumar’s inability to settle down in his lifetime. Shed attributed this to his perfectionist nature, always in search of an elusive perfect partner that, in reality, doesn’t exist.

How Did Hema Malini & Sanjeev Kumar Meet First Time?

The narrative recounts the story of Hema and Sanjeev’s initial acquaintance during the filming of the popular Seeta Aur Geeta song, “Hawa Ke Saath Saath.” The song depicted them gracefully skating down a hill, and an unexpected mishap occurred during the shoot. Despite experiencing a near-fatal fall, their immediate concern was not for themselves but rather for each other’s well-being. “Many believe that this was the moment they began developing feelings for each other,” the book reads.

Subsequently, Hema tied the knot with Dharmendra, with whom she shares two daughters, Esha and Ahana Deol. Dharmendra, previously married to Prakash Kaur, has sons Sunny and Bobby Deol, as well as daughters Ajeeta and Vijeta from his first marriage.

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