Salman Khan Is Looking 'Irritatingly' Good In This Rare First Audition For Maine Pyar Kiya For Which He Got Rejected
Salman Khan Is ‘Irritatingly Good Looking’ In This First Audition Clip For Maine Pyar Kiya For Which He Was Rejected ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Salman Khan and his life, professionally or personally is a goldmine for film buffs. This time, we have a professional throwback waiting for you, and this one is quite amusing and you might feel surreal watching it. ‘cos this video belongs to the most iconic film of the Hindi Film Industry – Maine Pyar Kiya.

In the video, going viral on the internet, Salman is seen mouthing a dialogue from Sooraj Barjatya’s Maine Pyaar Kiya. Interestingly, in another interview, the director himself revealed that the actor was rejected for the role. In his anecdotes, Barjatya once revealed, ” But the journey was daunting–at Rajshri, our production house, our last few films were a flop and we were suffering financially. No actor wanted to work with us.”

A Humans Of Bombay column quoted Barjatya and wrote, “And then one day, I met a young man who we’d rejected after his first screen test. But there was something about him. So, five months later, we got him on board. That man was Salman Khan.”

Now, a Reddit video shows the first audition tape for the film, and obviously, fans had reactions to a very very young Salman Khan, auditioning for the film. A Redditor confessed, “It irritates me how good-looking I find young Salman. My elder brother was a big Salman fan during the MPK days and growing up I’d never understood (by then Salman had metamorphosed into Bhai).” Another one tried to troll how young Salman looks and wrote, “Fetus Bhoi reminds me of Joey from season 1 FRIENDS.”

One more user tried a time-specific joke and wrote, “I like this dude. He should definitely buy a bracelet.” Another one extended the joke, “

Yep. and somebody gives him an SUV!” One more user cracked a joke and wrote, “Bhoi is not being screen tested for the role. The role(and the roll) is being screen tested for Bhoi.”

Another user questioned, “Why does he sound like Saif?” One more user acknowledged, “Fetus Salman was such a cutie, definitely among the best looks in Bollywood.” One user joked how Salman Khan didn’t make an effort to act then as well, “You can say Bhoi doesn’t make much effort to act nowadays but back then also he didn’t make any efforts.”

Another user agreed, “Haha I was just gonna say. He’s always been basic.”

Salman Khan and Bhagyashree starred in Sooraj Barjatya’s debut film Maine Pyar Kiya in 1989. The film broke all records overnight and became one of the most iconic films of Hindi Cinema giving the acronym of Prem to Salman Khan for eternity.

You can watch the video here.

22 Year Old Salman Khan’s screen test in December 1987 for the Iconic role of Prem in Maine Pyar Kiya.
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