Bhagyashree Recalls A Reporter Asking Her Husband About Her Affair With Salman Khan Just Hours After She Gave Birth to Her Son: "... And Now She Has This Kid With You?"
Bhagyashree Reveals Her Husband Was Asked About Her Alleged Affair With Salman Khan, Moments After She Gave Birth to Their Son ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; IMDb; Facebook )

Bhagyashree and Salman Khan’s breakthrough film Maine Pyar Kiya is still an iconic film. The chemistry between the lead pair had been loved by all. The actress has recently shared how a journalist made things awkward for her and her husband. A reporter alleged she had an affair with Salman while visiting her at the hospital after childbirth. The actress has been married to Himalaya Dassani since 1990, and after so many years, Bhagyashree has shared the incident.

The film was released in 1989 and it proved to be a turning point in Khan’s career. But the aforementioned incident seemingly made the actress stay away from the industry for a long time. The awkward encounter took place after the birth of her son Abhimanyu. However, she returned to the entertainment industry after many years but some things just stay with you forever, reflecting how low people can stoop.



Speaking to Siddharth Kannan, Bhagyashree spoke about how, back in the day, things were sensationalised by the media and due to a lack of social media platforms, there were no ways to fact-check things. She revealed, “I had just given birth to Abhimanyu, and my sister-in-law was outside my room. A press reporter came by with a big bouquet and asked to meet me. Of course, they said go in. She came in, looked at Himalaya, and said, ‘How do you feel about Bhagyashree’s affair with Salman Khan, and now she has this kid with you?'”

Bhagyashree then shared how this incident made her take the decision to leave the world of cinema. She said, “Nobody had ever said anything like this in my life. Through the entire course of Maine Pyar Kiya being made, Salman was such a gentleman. There was nothing between us, nobody had ever said such a thing. And this was on the very next day of my delivering a baby. I was shocked at how badly people can treat each other. I was so upset by this, I stopped reading film magazines, I stopped getting film magazines at home, and I decided to distance myself from the world of films.”

She reunited with Salman Khan in his Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan. She revealed that Salman called her husband, Himalaya, and her son, Abhimanyu himself, asking them to do cameos in his movie.

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