Salman Khan's Tiger 3 Is A Hollywood-Level Film, Biggest Action Movie In Bollywood? Decoding Yet Another 'First Review' Helping The Fans...
Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 Is A Hollywood-Level Film, Biggest Action Movie In Bollywood? Decoding Yet Another ‘First Review’ Helping The Fans… ( Photo Credit – YRF / Instagram )

If you’re following reviews of films on social media, you must already be aware of how ‘early reviews’ work in the case of event films like Salman Khan’s Tiger 3. The first show will take place in Dubai at 8.30 PM IST, but we already have a super-positive 4.5/5 review floating on social media.

If you’re a Sallu fan, you’ll have every reason to believe it, and I’ll be more than happy if it’s true because of my love for Tiger Zinda Hai (a 4/5 true-blue blockbuster). But can we take a look at some things about the viral review and see if we can believe them all?

Okay, so the first thing about any genuine review is always about who has posted it. Is it a verified journalist, a publication, or just some fan? In this case, a Salman Khan fan page has posted a review mentioning that “a friend saw the movie at a screening that happened yesterday.”

Even if we ignore the fact that the friend didn’t choose to post the review themselves, sharing the same with a Salman Khan fan page, why aren’t there any more reviews out from the screening that happened yesterday in Dubai that we aren’t aware of?

Okay, let’s assume that no one from the screening wants to share any opinion either on social media or on IMDb; we’ll take a look at what the review shared, which reportedly is an opinion of a friend of Salman Khan Arab FC’s admin. It starts with calling Tiger 3 the biggest action film in the history of Bollywood.

But, What About Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan?

Even though it sounds hyperbolic, the standard of Bollywood action isn’t too complex to achieve, as YRF has led this list with films like War, Pathaan & Bang Bang. They know how to shape up an action film, and they’ve probably done the magic again. But, I still doubt this sentence because Jawan, with its action, has set a league of its own in Bollywood.

The review proceeds with the film having an excellent story, which is usually lacking in action films, and it says that you can compare Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 with everything. But what is everything? Can we compare it with John Wick or Bhaag Johnny? Give us some range, bro. Calling it ‘movie of the year,’ the review further states that it is a ‘real Hollywood movie’; it means Hollywood-level action, and that’s something very generic you’d expect someone who hasn’t even seen the film would say.

As Simmba would say, “Tell me what I don’t know!” 

It ends with how the reviewer would watch the film once again, as there are a lot of surprises. The first rule to pick up a genuine review is that it would always have something unknown to others. This one doesn’t have anything you might hear for the first time.

Salman Khan fans, even we’re as excited as y’all are. In fact, we’re watching the first 6 AM show to deliver Tiger 3’s first genuine review before anyone else in India. But let’s not get swayed away by fan-generated narratives around the film. 8.30 IST today is the first show screening happening in Dubai, and we’ll bring some genuine reviews from there. We tried contacting YRF to comment on whether any film screening happened yesterday in Dubai, but they didn’t respond.

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