Tiger 3 Day 1 Box Office Controversy Finally Addressed By YRF: Shah Rukh Khan's Pathaan Did 500 Crore+ With The Same Formula, In Salman Khan's Stardom...
Tiger 3 Day 1 Box Office Controversy Finally Addressed By YRF: Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan Did 500 Crore+ With The Same Formula, In Salman Khan’s Stardom… ( Photo Credit – A still from Tiger 3 Trailer/YRF YouTube )

The day Salman Khan fans and the world learned that Tiger 3 is releasing not only on a Sunday but also on Diwali’s first day (the day when many do Lakshmi Pujan in the evening), all hell broke loose. Debates were initiated among the SK fan clubs and the ‘Twitter trade experts’ regarding why Yash Raj Films is ruining all the chances to score the humungous day 1.

Many opinions started floating around, stating the makers should’ve released it a day later on Monday, a national holiday, or on a Saturday (which could’ve taken the weekend advantage). But, YRF remained confident and decided to do precisely what they did with Shah Rukh Khan’s Jab Tak Hai Jaan, released on the first day of Diwali (Tuesday, 13th November) back in 2012.

Shah Rukh Khan’s film did around 15 odd crores on day 1 of Diwali back in 2012, which would be around 33-35ish crore in today’s time (adding inflation), and that’s huge. So, if YRF has cracked the formula once before, why do you think they’ll go wrong this time?

YRF’s Vice President – Distribution, Rohan Malhotra, has now come forward to break the silence over the release date controversy, explaining the decision to release the film on what’s being said as the ‘weakest day‘ by many because it won’t give Salman Khan to go on overkill with a 50-60 crore-kinda day.

The ‘Pathaan’ formula for Tiger 3? 

While having a conversation with News18, Rohan talked about how super-confident they are when it comes to Tiger 3, and they trust Salman Khan’s stardom will come into play big time with it. He also gave a much recent example of Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan (also YRF), which was released on 25th January, missing the Republic Day, a national holiday release.

Shah Rukh Khan’s stardom came into play big time!

He agreed they could’ve quickly released Pathaan on 26th January, earning big numbers, but they sensed the urgency in Shah Rukh Khan fans to watch the film and decided to milk on the same. They chose ‘Why leave even a single day which could give you some collection by going after the opening day records?’ Hence, they released the film on 25th January, earning an unimaginable 57 crore (all languages) on day 1 in India.

YRF is applying the same formula on Salman Khan’s Tiger 3, and they’re letting go of the day one box office records only to think big and focus on the lifetime collections of the film. A fun fact: Even without release, the film has already become the #1 highest-grossing film to release on Diwali. This would give the movie additional crores of start, and then on day 2, which would be a national holiday, there would come an unprecedented havoc at the box office.

That’s why Pathaan did 500 crore+, Tiger 3 to follow the same?

YRF’s Rohan also said that the decision to release on 25th January boosted the chances of Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan earning 500 crore+ & it seems the producers are predicting the same range with Tiger 3, too, by applying the same release strategy.

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