"Salman Khan An Elephant’s Memory," Says Ronit Roy & Reveals Having Deeper Bond With The Tiger 3 Star; Read On
“Salman Khan Has An Elephant’s Memory,” Says Ronit Roy & Reveals Having Deeper Bond With The Tiger 3 Star ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Superstar Salman Khan is one of the most influential stars in the film industry. He has been a dominant force in Bollywood, delivering numerous box-office hits. Several stars, who have worked with him, have praised the superstar. Now his childhood friend Ronit Roy is opening up about the actor.

For the unversed, Roy is set to feature in the upcoming film “Farrey,” produced by Salman. In a recent revelation, he discussed his close relationship with the Bollywood star, emphasizing their deep bond that developed as they “grew up together.”

During a conversation with Lehren Retro, Ronit Roy revealed that Salman Khan shares a warm friendship with his younger brother Rohit Roy. Ronit said that his bond with Salman was “much deeper.” He also recalled there was a period when the superstar expressed his displeasure with him over a certain matter, although he didn’t specify the details. However, he mentioned that Tiger 3 star has since forgiven him, indicating a resolution to any past differences between them.

“We grew up together, a few times, we struggled together. He was very naraaz (upset) with me for something.” Ronit mentioned that he couldn’t recall the incident, but upon realizing Salman was noticeably upset, he sought clarification from him. “I don’t want to hurt my friend, he is my childhood friend,” he said.

Ronit Roy said that the “best thing about him (Salman Khan) is he doesn’t let anybody know, he just quietly does,” and added, “If I ever need anybody, I’ll call him. He’ll be there.” He further said that Salman has “an elephant’s memory” and “people don’t know how intelligent he is.”

During a previous conversation with Siddharth Kannan, Rohit discussed an incident in which Salman referred to him as a ‘fat cow.’ He revealed that the ensuing conversation with the actor played a pivotal role in his ‘physical metamorphosis.’ Rohit said that he had put on a lot of weight, and he was getting frustrated because things were not working out. Rohit told Salman that he wasn’t happy. He was trying his best, but things were not happening, and Salman looked at him and said, ‘You look like a fat cow, even I wouldn’t give you any work’.

Rohit shared that he and Salman had a long chat, and everything shared with him that day led to his complete physical metamorphosis. At 45-46, he decided that before he touched 50, he wanted to be the sexiest 50-year-old, and it happened.

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