Rekha Has A Mysterious Relationship With Her Secretary Farzana, Who Monitors All Her Activities & Shares Lesbian Relations?; Read On
Rekha Has A Mysterious Relationship With Her Secretary Farzana, Who Monitors All Her Activities & Shares Lesbian Relations? ( Photo Credit – YouTube )

Veteran actress Rekha is one of the most popular stars in Bollywood. She is not just Bollywood’s most valued treasure but also the most enchanting human being. More than her films, she made headlines for her personal life. Her affairs with Bollywood celebs were much publicised.

The Umrao Jaan actress had to deal with loneliness in her life despite being married to Delhi-based businessman Mukesh Agarwal after he committed suicide. The National award-winning actress was associated with numerous B-town celebrities, such as Amitabh Bachchan, Jeetendra, and Vinod Khanna, but her friendship with Farzana, her secretary/manager, has always been a mystery to the public.

Rekha’s biographer Yasser Usman revealed some information about the actress’s life, including the fact that only her trustworthy assistant Farzana—some have speculated is her boyfriend—is permitted access to the actress’ bedroom, as per an IBTimes report.

Farzana keeps a tight grip over Rekha’s home and everyday activities and carefully monitors everything she does. She is thought to schedule nearly every minute of Rekha’s life and scrutinise every call. She’s a formidable gatekeeper for the veteran actress. Farzana is the one who permits Rekha’s hermetic existence, and she has surrounded herself with mystery and secrets.

For almost three decades, Farzana has been by the Silsila actress’ side. She has been with her pretty much everywhere—at award ceremonies, on trips, etc. Despite Mohandeep’s assertion that they had a s*xual relationship in his book, Rekha refers to Farzana as her soul sister.

This may sound extremely shocking, but he even claimed that Farzana is the reason behind the suicide of Rekha’s husband, Mukesh Agrawal. They are live-in lesbian partners, as claimed by the book. Malavika Sanghvi, a famous journalist, said, “Farzana is perfect for Rekha. She is her consultant, her friend, and supporter, and Rekha simply can’t live without her.” Some even say that Farzana plays the role of a man in Rekha’s life.

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