Pathaan Trailer Is A Bad Idea & Why Should Shah Rukh Khan Capitalise On The Current Crazy Buzz Of Its Teaser
Pathaan Trailer Is A Bad Idea & Why Should Shah Rukh Khan Capitalise On The Current Crazy Buzz Of Its Teaser ( Photo Credit – Movie Still’s )

Ok, ok Shah Rukh Khan fans, please keep your digital weapons inside & hear us for a moment hear. Let’s clarify before any further commentary that we are as excited as every one of you for the Pathaan trailer to pop up & break all the records. Okay? So, let’s do a digital fist-bump here & discuss why the film should go straight to release without releasing any trailer.

Recently, Kartik Aaryan‘s Freddy followed a similar strategy but the reasons for it were completely different than why Pathaan should follow the same. Freddy did this to keep the intrigue around the story under wraps but the Shah Rukh Khan starrer should do this to not cannibalize the current buzz.

First of all the things, this is King Khan Shah Rukh Khan’s return to the cinema halls after a tiring (for fans) sabbatical & does he really need to ‘sell’ this product?

It was all about teasing the announcement of him making a comeback on the big screen & that’s been grandly done with Pathaan’s teaser. A major chunk of the audience is aware that Shah Rukh Khan is coming back after a long time and the release of upcoming songs would only add additional fuel to the already dense fire.

Why? You might ask! Why should Yash Raj Films not milk this opportunity to release a fully-fledged trailer and pump up the already high-on-fire buzz? Don’t you know what happens when the fire gets too much & couldn’t be controlled, it burns everything down! Recently, we saw how the magnum-opus Adipurush delayed its release by getting trolled on an extreme level by netizens.

Not saying Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan trailer would also receive the same treatment but you can’t predict what the public would like or not during these testing times. Bollywood is on its way to bouncing back from the back-to-back duds & even slight negativity could snowball turning into a major issue for any film.

Did you see what happened with the Cirkus trailer last week? Though Rohit Shetty h as tried to pack in all of his trademarked colourful elements in the 3 minutes 39 seconds lengthy trailer, the reactions were mixed making the good ones extremely hard to find.

So, can Yash Raj Films, Shah Rukh Khan, or even the Bollywood industry as a whole can afford any negativity coming through Pathaan’s way? Are makers so confident about the product that they’re ready to show another 2.30 mins+ montage of action sequences in the trailer? All this will be answered once it’s out, till then you leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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