Kangana Ranaut Gives Crash Course On Ideologies
Kangana Ranaut gives crash course on Ideologies ON HER Twitter(Pic Credit: Instagram, Twitter)

Actress Kangana Ranaut, who is politically quite active recently shared a long post and gave a crash course to her followers on different ideologies. The actress revealed that she took out time from her shooting schedule to share her views. Scroll below to read what she exactly shared.

The Dhakkad actress took to Twitter and said, “Aap logon ke liye shoot ke beech se time nikal ke chota crash course diya hai on ideologies… read it and this is your Vitamin Intelligence.. swallow it..asap…


Kangana, who is known for her sharp opinions further added, “Most young people don’t even know what right wing or left wing is, they are misguided into believing that if you support BJP you are right-wing and if you support Congress you are left-wing ha ha, that’s not how it works, you should first decide your fundamental value system. if you don’t have one you will be forcefully or without your knowledge given one, you should know both sides, then if you choose not to side with any then that’s a conscious choice but just to be a space cadet is like being a suicide bomber anyone can press your button.”


Talking about the ideologies Kangana Ranaut ” My understanding of Right and Left does not come from books or borrowed knowledge, it’s my own interpretation of life and forces that are at work, all right with all the limitations of words and this platform let me try and tell you my perspective hope it helps.”

She further added, First of all please know life exists in duality, there is no Right without Left, human body has two sides Ida( lunar/ side) left side guided by the moon, Pingla (Sun) the Right side guided by the Sun. Olden days they were also referred to as Suryavanshi and Chandravanshi.

Kangana Ranaut also tried to explain the theory of the lunar and sun and wrote, “Long story short, those who identify with the Sun tend to be the doers in the world, they are hot-blooded believe in courage, and support wars for Dharma. Lunar is the feminine side they tend to be thinkers and believe in being passive rather than aggressive.”

In contemporary times with the change of yugas and changes such as democracies, these tendencies have also aged, now Right is mostly conservative all across the world ( it’s a different story what is conservative for those who depend on their culture, for Hindus even Kamasutra Is religious.

Anyway, long story short Right Wing is the wing of righteous people who believe in Religion/God and a traditional/conservative way of life, they also support nationalism and want to fight for one’s nation not receive anything in bheekh by begging/against dharma.

Left-wing is an almost atheist way of life, they don’t believe in God/religion they may believe in spirituality but not traditional religion, they don’t believe in fighting even if one gets enslaved they believe in surrender basically feminine.BJP is right-leaning and Congress Is left-leaning, aaya samjh?

However, when we got independence Congress had two sides. Right-wing congress (all your Sardar Vallabhai and Shastri ji belonged to that side)and Left Wing ( Nehru and Gandhi and all) belonged to the left side of congress.. anyway us keliye Emergency dekhna 🙂

Meanwhile, you let us know what you think about Kangana Ranaut’s post?

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