Fact Check: Did Hrithik Roshan Donate Rs 1 Lakh To A Fundraiser To Help Rohingya Muslims Settle In India? Here's What We Know
Hrithik Roshan Made A Donation Of Rs 1 Lakh To A Fundraiser To Help Rohingya Muslims Settle In India Via Ketto? Here’s The Truth(Pic Credit: Instagram)

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan is one of the biggest superstars who enjoy a massive fan base. He is also one of the highest-paid actors in the film industry. The War actor is also involved with a number of humanitarian causes and has often donated to several causes.


The superstar last year made a considerable donation to help India fight against the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. He had donated $15,000 (approximately ₹11.10 lakh) towards a fundraiser started by international author and motivational speaker Jay Shetty.


However, now a Twitter user has now claimed that Hrithik Roshan donated Rs 1 Lakh for the rehabilitation of Rohingya Muslim settlements in Khargone, Jahangirpuri. The user even attached a few screenshots that showed the name of the actor as the top donor via a Ketto fundraiser started by controversial NGO Miles2Smiles.

The user wrote, “.@iHrithik In a day and age when no actor wants to stand by Muslims, thank you for donating to a cause and setting an example to other actors by leading.”

Several users also raised verification over the name. A Twitter user asked her whether she was sure it was the actor himself, to which Amina said she had confirmed before posting.

Soon after a user named The Hawk Eye dug up further and wrote, “For funds collection, some kiddish tactics also used like actor Hrithik Roshan donated 1L, however, there is no such entry. The top two donors with 1L are anonymous (well-wisher). The handle with 30K followers went one step ahead & “yes, I confirmed it” when someone raised suspicion.”

However, when we tried to verify whether Hritik Roshan actually made any donations to the rehabilitation of Rohingya Muslim settlements in Khargone, Jahangirpuri, the superstar’s name did not appear on the list of top donors. It is worth pointing out that the fundraiser Ketto allows a user to make a donation without revealing the real name of the donor. The donor can either opt to be anonymous or use a fake name while registering the account or while making a donation.

This is not to say that Bollywood celebrities have not made any considerable donations via Ketto. Previously, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli had donated 2 crores for Covid-19 relief.

Moreover, this also raises suspicion as to why an actor of Hrithik’s stature would donate a paltry amount for the fundraiser. If Hrithik Roshan had indeed made a donation for the rehabilitation of Muslim settlements in Khargone via Ketto, he had openly spoken about it. In the past, the superstar joined hands with several NGOs. In 2020, he even helped Akshay Patra to provide 1.2 lakh meals for daily wage workers and senior citizens. He had openly spoken about it as well.

There’s no official confirmation from Hrithik or from his team. It is safe to say that the superstar is unlikely to have made a donation to Muslim victims by Miles2Smile

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