Dunki >> Jawan >> Pathaan: Internet Ranks Shah Rukh Khan Films Of 2023 On 'Oye Hoye' Meter & Call His Tiger 3 Performance With Salman Khan 'Moye Moye'
Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki Is Oye Hoye & Tiger 3 Is Moye Moye – Fans Verdict On SRK’s Performances Of 2023 (Picture Credit: IMDb)

Shah Rukh Khan had the most spectacular year in Bollywood in 2023. He started with a banger with Pathaan, which collected 500+ crore at the box office. This was followed by Jawan’s another 500+ crore. He made a brief appearance in Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 and finally ended the year with Dunki.

Now, as the film seems to grow on word of mouth, like every other Rajkumar Hirani film, the audiences seem to have chosen the best out of the lot. Of course, the social drama has been crowned as the winner by the audiences, and a lot of discussion has been going on on social media regarding the same.

While people have picked the best out of Shah Rukh Khan’s three films, Pathaan, Jawan, and Dunki, we tried decoding why is the Rajkumar Hirani film ruling over the other two action biggies which turned giants at the Box Office, and we guess we’ve finally found the recipe for SRK’s success.

Dunki – The Powerful Story

People preferred Dunki over the other two films due to its powerful storyline. A comment on a discussion thread on Reddit read, “Dunki has the best story by far (not saying that much), but Jawan is my favorite just because of its massy presentation.” Another comment read, “Dunki..best SRK film after My Name Is Khan.” Answering the question about which film was the best, a user was very specific and commented, “For me, Dunki by a mile.” Comparing the film to another powerful story, a user wrote, “It’s the best film of the year along with 12th Fail.”

Jawan – The Box Office Winner

However, people on this discussion thread agreed that Jawan is a witness to the fact that Box Office numbers do speak a lot. A comment read, “Jawan – ATLEE USED SRK SUPER STAR POWER PERFECTLY.”

A user presented a perfect comparison of the three films, which said, “Pathaan. Introduced a stylish new character in the spy universe. Had high-octane action and a solid performance by SRK. Great music and BGM. Excellent cameo by Tiger. Lots of repeat value.

Jawan comes next with its theme of anti-corruption and some stylish action sequences. But it could have been so much better if they stayed focused on the story they started with and did not make it a father-son revenge saga with that ridiculous Sanjay Dutt cameo in the climax and some bad music.

Dunki is the weakest of the lot in spite of having perhaps the most interesting story and the “life comes to a full circle” theme. It lacks good humor and entertainment and has weak performances and dialogues. Direction is underwhelming, and the movie does not leave a mark. Very uncharacteristic for a Hirani movie as I still rewatch scenes from MBBS, Lage Raho, 3 Idiots, and even PK, both for their common elements and the drama/emotions.”

Pathaan – The Visual Marvel

People were drawn towards Pathaan as a visually appealing film which was probably designed and sold better. A comment read, “I’m a South Indian, and Jawan was simply a rehash of much better films by Shankar (and Atlee himself). And Pathaan is, well Kya kahen ab.” Another comment read, “Pathan hit the 1000 cr mark only because of the boycott hype and SRK’s return after a 4-year hiatus. Otherwise, the movie was trash. Both in action and script. Jawan had mass action and entertainment but the average story.”

Shah Rukh Khan – The Superstar

People unanimously agreed that all three films definitely catered to different yet large sets of audiences, and the superstar had something for someone this year. A comment read, “Dunki is really good. It is a wholesome movie with every second getting you involved with the characters.” Another comment read, “It got better with every release. Dunki, followed by Jawan and Pathaan.” A third user wrote, “Dunki had the best character-driven story, but Pathaan had the most fun factor. SRK excels in both blockbusters and smaller budget stories.” An opinion said, “Dunki is a breath of fresh air.”

The ‘Oye Hoye’ Meter!

While people clearly rated Dunki >> Jawan >> Pathaan, a user elaborated on the comparison and wrote, “STORY AND ACTING WISE DUNKI >>> JAWAN >>> PATHAAN PRESENTATION WISE JAWAN >>> DUNKI >>> PATHAAN.” Another Redditor opined, “Dunki and Jawan are a tie, I think.” However, the best parameter was the Oye Hoye meter, and a user perfectly summed up the year 2023 for Shah Rukh Khan.

The comment read, “Pathaan: Oye hoye; Jawan: Oye hoye hoye; Dunki: Oye hoye hoye hoye.” A user agreed to this Oye Hoye meter and wrote, “Only way to explain.” Another fan even pointed out how Shah Rukh Khan’s appearance in his fourth film was. The comment read, “Tiger 3 (also SRK film considering cameo): Moye Moye.”

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