Anurag Kashyap Exposes Starry Demands In Bollywood - Vanity Vans During Sacred Games To Spending Film Budgets In 'Getting Burgers' - Know It All!
Anurag Kashyap Exposes Bollywood’s Entourage culture and weird demands. (Photo Credit – Instagram)

With fame comes a lot of glamour and a lot of star power. Sometimes, you can get away with a lot when you use star power to set the scene and even make unnecessary demands. With a rise in the mechanical aspect of being an actor, with more fanfare, the question arises: do stars need an entourage and all this hoopla? Anurag Kashyap does not think so. The filmmaker and actor put the current trend of entourage and celebrity demands on blast in a new interview.

Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap discussed the transformations taking place in the Hindi film industry. He emphasized the changes in budgeting that streaming platforms brought to India and how those changes allowed some stars to command outrageous fees. He claimed that much of the money spent on a movie’s production goes toward paying stars’ demands rather than making the picture.

Also, stressing some of the good aspects, while speaking on the Humans of Cinema YouTube channel, Anurag claimed that those who had previously been underpaid realized their value when streaming services entered the Indian market. For example, I had never seen so many vanity vans on my set like I saw on Sacred Games,” he said, adding, “That’s how the culture got started. Then you can’t reverse that. Finally, those people who were ignored, which is the technical crew… It’s fair, in a way. But a lot of extra things started coming in.”

There has also been a barrage of big-budget films that have underperformed at the box office. When asked about the same, Anurag said, “Because they aren’t spending on just the film. One thing people need to understand is that when we make a film, we’re working, we’re creating something. It’s not a holiday; it’s not a picnic.”

Anurag Kashyap reaffirmed the budgeting of the movie: “A lot of money spent doesn’t go into making the film. It goes into the paraphernalia; it goes into the entourage. You’re shooting in the middle of a jungle, but one car will be sent to the city three hours away to get you that five-star burger you want,” he concluded.

Anurag Kashyap has two acting roles coming up; he will play the antagonist role in the Vijay Sethupati film Maharaja and One 2 One.

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