Animal Theories: 'Hitler' Ranbir Kapoor To Have A Double Role, 2 Secret Cameos To Initiate The Vanga-Verse Post The 69-Minute Action-Filled Climax?
Animal Theories: ‘Hitler’ Ranbir Kapoor To Have A Double Role, 2 Secret Cameos To Initiate The Vanga-Verse Post The 69-Minute Action-Filled Climax? (Photo Credit –T-Series/Youtube)

Since the release of Animal Trailer, the theories around this Ranbir Kapoor starrer have taken such a wild route that it’s becoming hard to believe whether to trust them or start scrolling to forget they exist. Bobby Deol’s character doesn’t exist, and RK’s Arjun Singh will be only imagining him as a ‘ghost.’ Giving a Fight Club reference, this is one of the wildest theories that are going around the film.

Bobby: 1 – RK: 0 

Bobby is the real hero of the film because Ranbir Kapoor is played by Bobby Deol & Bobby Deol is played by Ranbir Kapoor. Yes, why do you think both have the same looks? Just because they can look like each other while playing each other’s roles in the film.



Animal, though directed by Sandeep Reddy Vanga, lies in the Tamasha-verse of Imtiaz Ali. Arjun is no one but disguised as Ved after his father refuses to rewrite the end of his story. His father slapped him a few times and asked him to stop smoking whatever he was and finish his engineering as he had invested a lot for his son to back off saying nonsense things.

Not one, but two Ranbir Kapoors!

Yes, the film has not a single but a double role of Ranbir Kapoor. One is of the son who walks straight out of ‘Sanju’ in the rejected Vaastav get-up screaming, “Sunai de raha hai, behra nahi hoon main!” and the other is Bobby Deol. In the 69-minute climax sequence, the makers reveal Bobby never shot for the film, and Ranbir will remove the Lord Bobby mask, unveiling that he’s the twin brother of Arjun Singh & his name is Kabir Reddy (if no one got this, it’s a reference for Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s two films before this Arjun Reddy, Kabir Sinhh) MIND = BLOWN

Not one but two secret cameos!

Animal will have not one but two secret cameos towards the end, leaving the film with an open ending with solid hopes of a possible sequel. The characters that could appear in the post-credit scene are none other than Shahid Kapoor‘s Kabir Singh & Vijay Deverakonda‘s Arjun Reddy.

They would unite with Ranbir Kapoor’s Arjun to initiate the era of Vanga-Verse, announcing a crossover project including all three named ‘The Animals’. Isn’t that mind-blowing?

Okay, I’ll apply a break here, and to those who still haven’t understood, everything above is made up purely for fun and is just a sarcastic take on all the wild wild theories doing rounds. One that I forgot to mention above is Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Nazi’ connection because his business is named Swastik Steel, and the workers do the Hitler salute; the song ‘Duniya Jala Denge’ is said to be a metaphoric representation of the ideology that Hitler apparently possessed. This is a real theory that is doing rounds and is not made up. Lol.

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