Asha Parekh & Tanuja Question Amitabh Bachchan Still Getting Good Roles But Not Them
Asha Parekh & Tanuja Question Amitabh Bachchan Still Getting Good Roles But Not Them(Photo Credit –Still From Movie)

Yesteryear superstars Asha Parekh and Tanuja came together for an event and had a heartfelt chat about the Hindi film industry at this age and at their age. They pointed out the basic differences and also talked about the bias which is still relevant.

Talking about the roles for women, both actresses agreed that there are not enough roles beingwritten for women their age. They also discussed how male stars are paid more than female stars. The actresses also remembered their times and how difficult it was to shoot without basic amenities for women.

Asha Parekh and Tanuja even talked about female careers and how superstars this age are romancing 20 year old girls and it is well received. One thing which still hasn’t changed in the industry. Scroll down to read what these legendary actresses had to say about the work culture in the industry.

In a conversation at the event ‘Maitri: Female First Collective’ the Teesri Manzil actor talked about how Amitabh Bachchan is still getting author-backed roles. “Today, Mr Amitabh Bachchan, at this age also, people are writing roles for him. Why aren’t people writing roles for us? We also should be getting some roles which are important to the film. That’s not there. Either we are playing mother or sister, Who’s interested?, said Asha ji.

To this even Tanuja Added, “Or now we’re given grandmother roles.”

The actress further talked about the actors and actresses not getting equally paid and how this is an issue that is still not solved. “Payment was always a problem – previously and even now. Men always had a higher standing. Even Hollywood has not been able to do it.”, they confirmed.

Asha and Tanuja Ji discussed the age of actresses being a deciding factor in the quantity of work they do. They elaborated, “For women those days it was like if they got married, their career was finished. Now it is not so. So the hero’s maybe 50 or 55 years they are working with 20-year-olds and that is acceptable till today.”

Recently, veteran actress Hema Malini also echoed the same sentiments on female superstars her age not getting enough roles while there are powerful roles still being written for Amitabh Bachchan. “If someone can write a [tailor-made] role keeping me in mind, it would be nice. I think I too am capable of performing well.”, the Sholay actress had told Midday in an interview.

We hope to see such veterans in some power-packed performances soon. When we say Asha Parekh one still starts singing ‘O mere sona re’ and visualise her in a straight-fit kurta that became a fashion trend. While speaking of Tanuja your memory immediately switches to the 1967 song from Jewel Thief, Raat Akeli Hai Bujh Gaye Diye starring her and superstar Dev Anand.

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