"Alia Bhatt Sleeping, Ranbir Kapoor Backbencher Lost In Phone, Deepika Padukone Giving Serious Hermione Granger Vibes," Internet Digs Hilarious Memes From IOC
Alia Bhatt, Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor & Deepika Padukone Trolled For Clueless Appearance At IOC ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Nita Ambani hosted the 2023 IOC session in Mumbai, and whenever there is an Ambani event, Bollywood is ought to be present. At the 141st IOC session, the Ambani’s first lady called for ‘Olympics Of All, By All, For All’ as Bollywood stars Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Shah Rukh Khan & Deepika Padukone cheered with loud claps, only to be spotted clueless in a few seconds.

Videos from the events have been going viral, which have sparked a meme fest on the internet. All four superstars look as clueless as a Commerce stream student has been handed over a Biology question paper in exams. They try to maintain straight faces, but cameras capture them with the weirdest expressions.

Pictures and videos of Alia Bhatt trying to stay awake and almost dozing off are trending everywhere. While Ranbir Kapoor, throughout the event, seemed to be lost in his phone. Shah Rukh Khan was present physically but was dreaming about Jawan’s Box Office number for sure. Deepika Padukone, as always, was the only one with a straight face, prim and proper.

While videos and memes started taking over on Twitter (now X), people even discussed why the stars were forced to be a part of this event. A user on Reddit commented, “They are like : Kyun aa gaya main iss narak mein.” Another comment read, “Me and my siblings when Parents start lecturing us about how difficult their upbringing was & how they made it on their own.” A third comment decoded the stars’ thoughts and wrote, “Lol, Alia sleeping without a care in the world, RK lost in the phone like a true backbencher, SRK pretending full attention but mind wandering somewhere else most probably, while DP is giving serious Hermione Granger vibes.”

A user pointed out, “All 4 of them are bored, feeling sleepy just by seeing their expressions.” Another hilarious comment read, “Everyone is bored listening to Nita speak. Alia is literally asleep…. Don’t even blame her. I would, too. And SRK and DP have both aced the professional but IDC look.”

However, some users were as confused as the Brahmastra and the Jawan lead pairs. A user asked, “IOC meeting main yeh log kya kar rahe hai?” Another comment declared, “Ambani’s are obsessed with Bollywood peeps.” Someone rightly pointed out, “Bheed.” Another honest comment read, “Too much truth in this picture, bro. It’s like the different stages of being bored.”

Check out the hilarious memes that are trending on Twitter as well.

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