Box office business is tricky and we often find the three Khans, Aamir, Shah Rukh and Salman competing with each other. They are known to topple each other every now and then when it comes to breaching new clubs from 100 to 300.

What’s interesting is that, that the other two superstars, Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn are yet to join the same league.

When it comes to highest grossing films of all time, Akshay and Ajay have made no mark whatsoever.

SRK, Salman, Aamir Lead |  Akshay & Ajay Yet To Make It To Highest Grossing Films Of All Time List
SRK, Salman, Aamir Lead | Akshay & Ajay Yet To Make It To Highest Grossing Films Of All Time List

Salman Khan has four films in the list where as Shah Rukh has two films in the list. Aamir Khan holds the top position with his Dangal being the highest grosser of all time after it made a collection of 386.69 crores, which is the highest ever.

One of the reasons Akhay and Ajay’s films are yet to reach so far is, their performance in the overseas circuits. While both the stars have a huge appeal in the domestic circuits, the film’s don’t enjoy as much of a volume in international markets.

Amongst the two, with Akshay’s continuing winning streak, he may soon make new records.

Take a look at the top 10 highest grossing films of all time:

Dangal387.39 Cr
PK339.50 Cr
Bajrangi Bhaijaan320.34 Cr
Sultan300.45 Cr
Dhoom 3280.25 Cr
Krrish 3240.50 Cr
Kick233.00 Cr
Chennai Express226.70 Cr
Prem Ratan Dhan Payo207.40 Cr
Happy New Year205.00 Cr

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  1. All figures are correct +/- 5% except Krrish 3.
    Krish 3 did not collect even 175 crore NETT in India, 240 crore is GROSS collection.

      • Guys, in BOLLYWOOD always false reports r given by yashc,srk,kjo,rakesh they mislead the collections when Bo should announce the collections, bcs thy want 2 announce their films r superhit thy do that n suprisingly ths trade analyst accept this shit from them….. Same thing wt ddlj it was not EVEN a single person in the theater but yc was paying the owner few money to show that the film is creating records… I don’t even follow their statements….

  2. You all foolish people, just collect the real news from box office site! Krish has done a buisness of more than 240 crores and near future Hritik’s movie definetely beat the record of pk too.

  3. Comment:most/ highest Manipulated movie of all time.everyone know…..ha…ha….ha…! no other site have
    mentioned this record except koimoi……

  4. Bollymoviereviewz is the originl webste of box office collection and krissh3 is showing its producer figure collection so it cannot calculated in this top ten collection so krish3 is not real its around near 181 crore net in india… And accept plz all people its true…..

  5. one of the worst film I ever scene, it is just a support of south people to their stars whether the movie does well or not well. we would to appreciate the people of south India those are watching such type of ridicule movies.
    You are best stupid guy who is stating these sort of words. I am giving you star-5 for your genius asshole comments.

  6. You guys get ready for robot 2.0 dear records get ready to be broken by rajni sir and akki sir both the superstars are coming together pk,bajrangi bhaijaan,sultan and chennei express beware of robot 2.0 going to kill box office record robot 2.0 will be first film to gross 400 cr.nett in india RiP khans and their records

  7. Heyy u come u all know abt d mov business??All those figures r manipulated.whatever d thing abt k3,even u search abt pk or other films , u ll get d sm manipulation result..So guys if u r really intrstd den go n ask Rakesh Roshan or the producer/distributor
    Otherwise stay calm n agree with d data of dt site which u r visiting..?

  8. The biggest Indian blockbuster is Bahubali. So as Kabali. Come on. Indian cinema is not all about only Bollywood. Grow up guys.

  9. Comment:You are all son of a holymother…they released their movie…they earning for themself..we watch the movie and enjoy the acting and action..I don’t know why you all cat fighting like ameture girls…they don’t giving us 1 penny for correcting their collection figures…GoD bleSs yOu nerd’s…

  10. Actually Jo log hrithik ka favour kar rahe hai wo sahi jawab nhi de pata rahe hai. Reality is that Hrithik is only actor who can beat Khan’s. Khan’s abhi isliye aage hai kyuki unko hrithik se double time ho Chuka hai industry me. Hrithik unke 70% time me unse aage nikal jayega.
    Krish still on 5th rank with 240cr net collection. Gross collection is 320cr. Domestic. 540 CR. Worldwide gross.

  11. domestic…pioneers…
    50cr=Salman with HAHK(1994)
    100cr=Aamir wid Ghajini(2008)
    150&200cr AK wid 3Idiots(2009)
    250cr=AK wid Dhoom3 (2013)
    300cr=AK wid PK(2014)
    and now Dangal is looking forward to 350cr as well as 400cr on the card wid AK…

    50’100cr,150cr,200’250’300cr=Aamir wid 3Idiots,Dhoom3 & PK respectively….

    • Overseas – Shah Rukh Khan opened the market for other actors, 50cr and 100cr were both done by Shah Rukh Khan first in overseas
      Talk about India because overseas Shah Rukh Khan rules like no other ask the trade how he has dominated overseas! There was a time when all the movies in Top 10 belonged to Shah Rukh Khan! Overseas pioneer?! Do you even know what that means?!

  12. Amir gave two years yo bollywood to beat his recird but No body could beat aamir’s record so aamir came back to beat his own record.

  13. Who cares what the collection of the movie is… even if they collect Billions!!! We are not getting a cent out of it… moreover all the sites will give you different collection figures… so the actual collections are in the books of the government (maybe), because they get their revenue based on the collections and profit…

  14. Has anyonw imagined how, Prem Ratan Dhan Payo got in this list?
    Bhai’s magic :D

    And the only actor who is not khan but still in the list is Hrithik Roshan with Krrish 3..

    Khan’s do dominate the Bollywood.

  15. Listen aamir khan is founder of bollywood’s 100c club,and salman khan is the grosser machine of bollywood. so KHAN is SHAAN of hindi film industry…koi shaaakkk……

  16. Everyone has a different Market but it is the popularity of Khans that holds them over Others but that does not mean others are not talented or their movies are less Popular but the Charisma of Khans is all that makes the Difference. Don’t Forget Rajni & Bahubali’s Collections.

  17. you can’t judge either the actor or the film by the amount it grosses. there are so many factors at play. to compare actors based on collections is both an childish.


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