Priyanka Chopra, Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut in a Krrish 3 Movie Poster
Krrish 3 Movie Poster

Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two Stars)

Star cast: Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Kangana Ranaut, Vivek Oberoi, Arif Zakaria, Shaurya Chauhan.

Director: Rakesh Roshan

What’s Good: Magnetic Superhero formula enmeshed with spellbinding stunts.

What’s Bad: The film has absolutely no screenplay. Poor acting and over the top dialogues do us no good either. The songs are plain tacky!

Loo break: Quite a few!

Watch or Not? For films with such humongous hype, this section of the review is just a mere formality. However, in my opinion Krrish 3 is a zestful effort from its makers to offer us a world class superhero flick. But sadly, it all goes in vain for me. The shabby acting, pathetic dialogues, over the top melodrama and zero presence of screenplay could have been ignored but what remains unforgivable is its unoriginal sequences. It was hard to find one scene that has no relation whatsoever with any previous superhero or sci-fi film. The lack of novelty is gravely dissatisfactory as the film has absolutely nothing to flaunt except their gusto to try something spirited of this magnitude!

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Krrish 3 doesn’t exactly begin where Krrish had left off. Happily married now, Krrish aka Krishna (Hrithik Roshan) and Priya (Priyanka Chopra) now live with his father Rohit (Hrithik Roshan). A scientist of great potential, Rohit is shown to be working on a project that renders life to a dead organism. On the other hand, the owner of a big pharmaceutical company, Kaal (Vivek Oberoi) is plotting ways to destroy the world.

Belted to a wheel chair, he functions through his own army of mutants mainly Kaya (Kangana Ranaut). Kaal spreads a strange man-made virus that leads to a massive epidemic in Mumbai. Before his team of distinguished scientists could figure out the antidote of the virus, Rohit already make the same formula using Krrish’s blood.

The only way that antidote was possible was using Kaal’s blood sample. This begins a tussle between the world’s two biggest superpowers – Kaal and Krrish. Will Krrish be able to destroy Kaal and restore the safety of mankind. Krrish 3 holds the answer to all your questions in its folds!


Priyanka Chopra and Hrithik Roshan in a still from Krrish 3
Priyanka Chopra and Hrithik Roshan in a still from Krrish 3

Krrish 3 Review: Script Analysis

For a script, the makers used a strange concoction of every superhero science fiction film Hollywood has ever created. Stringing together a series of chapters, the film’s basic script isn’t entirely bad. Some instances do show logic and holds strongly the air of intelligence which is laudible. The family drama quotient and the emotional connect remains one of script’s pivotal strongholds but treads into melodrama after a point.

However, it isn’t hard to predict where the plot is heading. As the story picks up steam, the climax and the ending easily falls in place without the audiences investing much in wracking their heads.

An evil mind Kaal, who is a replicated shadow of X Men’s Magneto is upto destroying mankind with his evil schemes. However, bound to his wheelchair, he functions by creating mutants out of the core powers of animals and humans, calling them Manvars!

We all know the drill how superhero and evil mind meet, but in this particular one it is done rather shoddily in the most conventionally cliched way that exists!

The climax’s suspense is forseeable and unsurprising. Made only to woo kids and those oblivious of Hollywood superhero films, Krrish 3’s story has no intrinsically extraordinary prowess to keep the audiences glued to the screens. The banal script reeks of every possible plagiarism stunt ever pulled off and that is reason enough to shun the script altogether.

Krrish 3 Review: Star Performances

Hrithik Roshan as Krrish is perhaps one of Bollywood’s most appropriately sketched characters. He is enigmatic, charismatic and puts up the film’s singular superlative show.

Priyanka Chopra is still high on the sugar rush from Zanjeer and has very little to do in this film as well.

Kangana easily topples as the film’s most striking female character. As the wicked slimy chameleon Kaya, she puts up a devilish show indeed! Making her character look extremely sexy, in her bits she owns the film!

Vivek Oberoi plays the evil antagonist considerably well but isn’t fabulous. He spends a good lot of time strapped to the wheel chair. Using very little of his expressions to convey the develish intent, he is strictly average as Kaal.

Krrish 3 Review: Direction, Editing and Screenplay

Rakesh Roshan has made an unimaginative rip-off, strictly abiding by the guidelines of directing a superhero film. And the man is pretty darn good at it, if you must know. There’s no trick in the rule book that he has missed which exactly is the problem here. His effort is highly unimaginative and bland. From a man who risked into making Koi Mil Gaya at a time when dancing around the trees was a norm, you do expect him to venture into something more challenging than merely trying his hand at the magnanimity of superhero flicks!

With instances from Tron, X Men, Spiderman and the concluding stunt piece an exact copy from the recent Superman edition Man Of Steel, such rampant and obvious plagiarism is what bored me in the film! To Roshan’s credit, the face off between Kaal and Krrish was brilliantly done with perfect energetic stunts but even they were short in supply!

The film has absolutely no screenplay but whatever little they had managed to scribble, it only began to show color only in the film’s second half that limply attempts to enchant and grip the audiences. You can almost sleepwalk through the first half that lacks lucidity and does not highlight anything eye ball grabbing but the second half is relatively quite a respite!

The editing however is done well as there are no loose ends left in the end. The film carefully tweaks all the sub plots it had begun and wraps it rather neatly!

Krrish 3 Review: The Last Word

Krrish 3 isn’t a terrible film but it is massively disheartening and mood dampening because of its imitative premise. Hrithik reprises his role of Krrish with an enigmatic energy and infallible enthusiasm which is the film’s sole glistening point. The ludicrous storyline is miffing but the chiseled bodied superhero indulges us enough to make this film a decent one time watch this festive season. Don’t expect too much or pine excessive hope on this one. A well intentioned, brave effort but falls notches beneath an exhilarating cinematic experience. I am going with a 2/5.

Krrish 3 Trailer

Krrish 3 releases on 1st November, 2013.

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Krrish 3
Reviewed by
Mohar Basu
and Rated

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  1. Reviewer seems like premeditated his mind while writing reviews. Every word in each para is looks like he decided to write. If you are so smart then make one movie like krrish 3. Don’t talk like barking dog.

  2. sab critics jhuth bol rahe hain aur koimoi akela sach bol raha yahan jhut kaun bol raha hai?????obivously koimoi.everybody is appriciating hrithik,vivek,priyanka nd kangana’s acting nd they r saying poor acting what a rubbish????????we all know hrithik is 1 of the best we hav in india.they r saying poor acting.that means they r lieing 2 us.

  3. expected from u sir,i tot u wud give 1 or 0.5 ,but well done u gave 2
    but i am sorry its too late now..every1s excited an mostly getting positive reviews..99 people say gud and 1 saying bad will not sorry better luck next tym..khans favouite site..

  4. For once i agree with u completely. Making a movie so heavily inspired from hollywood movie and that too without a proper storyline is absolutely criminal. Kudos to you for calling spade a spade.

  5. I am eagerly waiting for the day when this guy directs a movie himself or atleast writes a script!!!! He always gives such lame reviews…He gave Shudh Desi Romance 3.5 and Chennai Express 3!!! I guess K3 will be definitely better than these or atleast of the same level….

  6. Your opinion is a disrespect to the most accomplished actor and director in bollywood. It is by far the best superhero movie in bollywood. It is better than the original krrish and 1000 times better than Shabby acting???? You should quit reviewing movies. You are clearly very bad at it

  7. Review 1/5 do ya 0.5/5 do . . .but movie to hit hogi hi . . .bcs . . Public bahout excited hai movie dekhne k liye and banglore se big collection aayega bcs. . .wahan pe holiday hai aur advance 80% booking ho chuki hai ;)

  8. i think koimoi wanted few hits on his site and some special attention..
    jaa mil gaya tujhe jo chahiye tha..lekin sab ko pata bhi chal gaya tubakwaas likh raha hai..haha..pity u..

  9. poor VFX story line absolutly.average performances but i appreciate that heading to this gener
    is good.and there is chances that in the coming time bollywood might be make good is just first step.
    keep it up

  10. you tried your level best to degrade the movie but a useless review which u get regret for sure
    Try to encourage the good cinema which changes the face of indian cinema

  11. A heavily biased review.Well we cant expect anything from this critic and this site. it is the only negative review out of all others I have gone through.So you can figure out who is actually spreading negativity.

  12. Mr Mohar Basu, height of reviews on bollywood cinema especially for krrish 3
    Let me show you the ridiculous stars to the movies you have awarded….
    Satyagraha- 2.5 stars deserved atleast 3.5 stars
    Besharam – 2.5 stars ( same as satyagraha, ridiculous) deserved at most 1.5 stars.
    And in this review you haven’t appreciated the indians who have contributed their talent in VFX for this film…..
    You said that the stunts were copied from Man of steel. Man this movie is in production for 3 years and Man of steel was released this year. I am sorry Mohar Basu, you are the true Critic. Criticizing every single thing about the film which the film is not responsible at all. Wow good luck, Uncle.
    And the music was tacky, you have awarded the stars for that in your music review by insulting the music composer Rajesh Roshan.
    Komal Nahta was much better critic for this website, he atleast appreciated Ra.One for its VFX..!!!!
    Sorry for the rudeness, but I am sorry for the review, being an Indian you appreciated the film Iron Man 3 but not Krrish 3

  13. I expect from koimoi that they give 1star but wow here is 2star. Koimoi always K3 hater from its 1st trailer. All india critics say very good but here one site said bad! Ok k3 definitely blockbuster. And i definitely said this side sponsored by KHAN

  14. This site is biased towards gave an average ce 4 stars.but 2 for a great movie like k3? ?shame on u jealous admin.u don’t a human life.

  15. This is one of the finest and flawless Hindi movies of recent times. Din bother to read ur entire crap. Ur opening sentence put me off! Hrithik, Vivek, Kangana and Priyanka have done amazing work.
    Kindly provide unbiased reviews if you really intend ppl to read ur crap!!!

  16. Sorry 2 say i completely lost faith in your web site. and i never open your web site. because you people are fooling people for your own benefits. just saw the Movie in Dubai….its a fantastic Movie… pls dont fool the people for your benefits.

  17. # Krrish3 Reviews
    1. Times of India- 4.5 stars
    2. Taran Adarsh- 4.5 stars
    3. Kiaara sandhu- 5 stars
    4. Bharati Pradhan- 4 stars
    5. Cosmo magazine- 5 stars
    6. Bolly talk- 4.5 stars
    7. Cine outlook- 4.5 stars
    8. filmfare- 4 stars
    9. India Today- 3.5 stars
    10. 4 stars
    11. BollywoodDEN- 4 stars

  18. This review is almost accurate..i have seen the movie in Sydney yday..mark my words,they got the script terribly wrong this time..first half is pretty boring without a good story and screenplay.Film has it good moments in the 2nd half..Hrithik and Vivek has done good job.Same like all of you i had so much expectation about this movie :-( keep your expectation a little low so that you will be happy with the movie. i am still going to watch the movie for another 2 or 3 time in theater just to see hrithik on its a feast for Hrithik fans but for rest of the world it will be a below average movie..

  19. This critique is filled with lies and misleading propaganda.

    Krrish 3 has set the bar for Bollywood sci-fis and it is in par with Hollywood action hero’s.

    There is really nothing negative about how the film is made. If you are going to judge screenplay and script purely on songs than you are not worthy to criticise such a well made film, very original for Bollywood!

    Hats off to the Director and main actor for pulling these special effects and stunts completely in Mumbai, this movie will please the whole family this Diwali and is sure to reach 100crore as it will be super hit outside India as well as a blockbuster in India.

  20. Movie achhi hai……direction ki agar bat kare to…rakesh roshan ji ne koi kami nahi chhodi hai…movie mere hisab se 3/5 star milne chahiye….4/5 star bhi mil jate lekin songs ki kami pure movie me lagti hai…..ab sab logo pe depend karta …… mere hisab se krrish3 230 crore ka business karegi….

  21. mohar basu almost everyone is giving krrish 3 positive reviews up to 4 stars n u 2 stars r u joking dumb hater pig get well soon grow up mohar basu u r such a stupid moron dont be jealous n favour your favourite stars movies n why have u printed ur review so soon stop being a terrible jerk as all your reviews r written after 12 ockock shame on u u shouldnt be a critic

  22. i feel u r a crap hater mohar basu of krrish 3 as everyone is giving above 4 stars be real n grow up hater pig n stop being so insecure as krrish 3 gonna break all records n create new ones just relax mohar n ear god

  23. R u out of ur mind!
    This review shows that it is completely paid by khans…
    After reading this now i confirm that Mohar Basu is completely retard hahaha

  24. This review is false and i don’t know what agenda this man has against krrish 3.
    checkout times of India,,filmfare,Taran Adarsh and so on….they all have rated it at least a 4/5.

  25. Jal bhe apna bakwas band kar aur koi aur kam karna shuru kar de hav u seen the movie just shut up watch the movie nd den only giv +ve reviews nd remmbr hr is the most versatile actor

  26. Mohar Basu ……I think u r insane. Ur review shows u r man of negative attitude. U cant encourage good idea and new attempt by some body. Dont forget India never totally lives in City ….rural is a part. Not every body has access 2 hollywood movies. Even if some people have seen ….still every one is upbeat 2 see indian version of super hero flick because it has massive appeal.u r simply jumping 2 conclusion very soon from ur perspective . Wait u lunatic man ….see the responce.

  27. this critics of Koimoi always gives negative review only….better u people make a movie….nd…Other will review it….. I knw that koimoi critic’s even doesnt knw to switch on the camera…..,, so quit this job and go for ny other job like…construction work or pizza delivery etc….

    u people gave nly 2.5 stars for ashique 2..

    nd 1.5 stars for Table no 21….. hahaha….

  28. guys pls understand mr basu is getting old nw,i have noticed to which ever movie mr basu gives a v low review,it becomes a hit–haha–i am confident that every miscalculated review earns Mr Basu so much disrespect that his capacity to bear insults is getting bigger and better with every review–god bless you mr basu

  29. u r drunk dude u gave 2 stars for ranjana and once upon a time . Nw this time also giving fake review s . Its high time koimoi should change u

  30. review dekhkar movie kyon jana….hame movie dekhni hai to bs dekhni hai….ajkl kisi v movie ka review critics ko diye paise p hota hai….ho sakta hai ki koimoi walo ko fund nhi pahuncha ho…..par hritik uspe pahle k dono part awsm….(koi mil,krrish) to ye part to dekhna banta hai…review kuch v ho…..ek hi to super hero hai……so main to koimoi k bkwas se review p bahrosa kiye baigair rakesh roshn ji aur hritik k liye movie dehoonga…..bhad me gayi review

  31. i am still thinking that what kind of movie this is?
    it is super hero movie or it is romantic drama or father and son relations base something or can some told me ?
    in this movie mr roshan caters indian emotions and some
    stunts which hollywood has been done 30 or + years roshan did not try to make film which is really be called super hero flick.he mix up many things in the movie,just to make people happy all walk of life.
    is this thing the film should base on.screenplay is poor, i should say that acting level is too low,just see hirthik only shake face flesh is enough for acting there is no other thing to show anger or something,that sort of the movie need lot of creativity to with people enjoy not copy of recent hollywood releases. grow up do not make fool with that kind of flick.there are many people who did not like critic,s view bcz they have their own choices in terms of hero or heroins, they did not wana to see if some one dislike their films.they are every thing to them.

  32. Actually friends Basu is a corrupt person. he rates all the movie on compensation basis. i think krish3 did not gave him any compensation . so hi is doing such type of ranking. now i just return after watch this movie. krish3 is best movie in 2013 . screen play acting good deluge delivery good action and also songs. u buddy just watch this movie then…..

  33. worst review ever seen and who da hell is mohar basu probably druked aur dumped to write such review “poor acting” have u lost ur head its hrithiks movie ….juss act of cheap publicity by koimoi to abuse something which is popular …to get limelight…..this is last tym m cmg to ur site …koimoi u sucks wid ur reviews

  34. Totally Dumbass Movie…got ticket for the early show, after watching thought that it’s way better to give that money to any person who’s asking for alms.
    Disgusting movie overall…..yuckkkkk!!!

      • As they are doing promotions & over-hyped drama, atleast we have to do our part na Bro…through WOM & Social Media..etc.

    • Hi guys, who are liking & disliking our comments…inspite of what you do, you’ll get to know how dumb, tasteless these celebrity people are from their posts & comments…u can write a biography based up on their FB & Twitter. They don’t have real life, guys go and get some life and don’t fight(Me too leaving, last comment) !!!

  35. I just watched the film.such a crap movie.Only some action sequences are good.
    Hollywood k log hamare pichhware se hamare bich se hamari kahaani le ja k oscar jit lete hai aur hum unki nakal karne me lage hai wo v ghatiya tarike se.

  36. I agree with Mohar Basu.. however it was quite evident from the trailers itself that Kaal and other mutants are copycat from hollywood flicks. I guess Mr. Rakesh Roshan should be aware of the fact that today hollywood movies are watched and appreciated by both urban and rural indian audience, in case if he is trying to showcase something new to us which isn’t the case. Even in his last release, Krrish, he copied the “future predicting machine” sequence from Ben Affleck’s hollywood movie Pay Check. I believe he should have invested his money and energy into something novel or Original, for his calibre as a director.

  37. Reviewer is out his mind,krrish three is movie which can be even compared to hollywood movies,visual effects and actions are deserve 4/5

  38. I just saw the movie, It was good but does not fulfill the expectation..There is no surprising element in the story which will make you curious till the end….

  39. bhaiyyo ekdum bakwaas movie ,bakwaas action,bakwaas music wait fr thor 2 dark world releases next week apna paisa shi jagah lagao .Hollywood ki copy maar rakhi hai poori ar fir keh rhe hai vfx use kiya hai ghantaaaa!!!!!!!

  40. itni ghatia movie ,jo ise acha bole usne kabhi dhnag ki movie dekhi he ni as ..even shakitmaan ke grafic jese film bna de hai background ke sth animation mix he ni ho rha

    wasted 200 isse bdiya to party ho jati …..httt

  41. i watched it and i also read some comments on this site too…
    some haters have watched it on very first day and they are frequently lying..
    my goodness…
    they are just not accepting the truth that this is the best super hero film of india if we consider the visual effects….
    film will do fire works on boxoffice…
    family audience is the key…
    get a tight shit on your ass…
    ku6 log ye bhi bolne vale the release ke pehle ke no interest in kid’s films and i have read their comments today that they have seen it…
    double behave…
    go and hide yourself haters….
    thumbs up for krish…

    • Some people aRE CRITICISING THIS movie as they cant accept our bollywood films with hollywood tadka………… as a VFX artist i know dat dis movie has compared bollywood to hollywood as we can also deliever such type of effects…….. HaTS OFF to Roshan’s n viveik’s acting was superb……………..

  42. Just saw an Hollywood action film. With full of actions and special-effects. Mind-blowing graphics. Speechless in the second half. Too good. And it is supported with great actings. Just only one bad thing, that it is not a hollywood movie. It’s a Bollywood movie, named ‘Krrish 3’. Friends, its awesomely awesome. I was speechless at the second half. When the movie was finished, everyone was saying, “This could happen in an Indian movie!?” Simply no words. A very special thanks to Mr Sr. Roshan for such a diwali gift to us…

  43. i watch this movies and is the finest movie ever in bollywood superhero type. amazing acting action.i except this movies earn 500 crore easily.

  44. people who are saying bad things about this brilliant movie are just sick nd jealous people.ignore them.go nd watch the blockbuster .as for miss mohar basu,she is a psuedo bong intellectual who must have been paid heavily by some old fashioned khan.disgusting bong.

    • Hello man itz not a just a waste of movie ….it was like I was watching advertisement all way through…

  45. Bhai issay accha THOR 2 dekh loonga 5 taikh ko , krishh 3 low budget , bekar film hai , iswar allaha gana 80s key jamaney ka lagata hai , aur action toh english serial sey bhi kharab , faltu picture , paisey waist ulta dekhney key liye public ko paisey mulney chahiyev

  46. Even the stern rajeev masand gave a 3/5 rating for krrish 3… Dis is the only place where its below 3… Its a really entertaining movie… people sld watch n decide themselves

  47. This is the first Indian familiar superhero outstanding film by genus Rakesh roshon and asst director Hrithik Roshon.

  48. Bakwaas …. could have spent money on graphics other than earning on advertisement ….. it was like I watching cartoon movie …

  49. Average movie…good for wannabes.. one time watch, but only if you can afford 300 INR otherwise eat some cool koolata and have fun in Mall.

  50. Hello Guys,

    Please watch this movies people are lying because they are very much jealous please ignore this it is awesome movies please take your family and enjoy this movies with wonderful graphics and happy diwali for each and all.

  51. Super hit movie great movie with mindblowing effect and animations hrithik took 6 years for this movie thats why this movie is brilliant and plz. go and watch this movie bcoz. hrithik original acting in this movie.

  52. shali etni bakwas h ki jindgi me kabhi bhi in dono ki movie nahi dekhunga bhaeyo apna pesa kharab mt karna bakwas movie h or ….kya kahu dosto ….pese kharab ho gye mere to aap apna mt karna

  53. bakwas bakwas…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  54. mere pese lota dho kamino ………………………………………………………………………………………………………

  55. ‪#‎Krrish3Review‬

    Okay a complete experience of watching scenes from The Amazing Spiderman, X-men and its Characters, Superman with the thadka of Rajnikanth’s The Robot in the end and hell lot of ShaktimanGiri…
    songs in the movie was the time that looks like it is meant to Test Your Patience..
    talking about the Story, though its a Sci-Fi superhero film It is infact a Bollywood film that Comes with a Package of High end Drama and Dialogues.. i wish they created original characters instead of getting in indian versions of Charles-X-Xaviers and Magneto combined in One(Vivek oberoi aka Kaal) , the mystic girl (Kangana ranaut aka kaya) and naming the Mutant Concept into Fusion of species…
    But yeah to be frank looking at the story seperately Minus the copied characters and song, it is infact not a bad film Considering we get to see more of the aged and gifted mature version of Dr. Rohit Mehra i do not mind recommending every one to watch this film.. its over all entertaining…

    p.s : Spoiler alert : Vivek Oberoi Turns out be Rohit Mehra’s son Who is a result of Dr. Arya(Naseeruddin shah)’s crazy experiment and gets his powers from there. and gets killed by another scientific experiment of Dr. Rohit mehra in the end…
    hero triumps basically and actually its a Long Film.. go watch it

    I rate ‪#‎Krrish3‬ 2.5 out of 5

  56. movie is very good and graphics are extardinary … all effects are mind blowing by roshan and I like choreography also . I hate this reviews and im interested only in the direction not in the reviews given by others … plz watch the movie

  57. A new benchmark in action Movies, An Unstoppable Force of Krrish..The VFX and CGI – You’ve Never Seen like this before to the Indian Cinema…Finest superhero movie ever…Best Villain in this Year…Lets begin with the story. Although not as centralized, or as concentrated as the first two movies, it still is every bit as real.All characters are well chosen and it attracts the viewer to the end.The last part action scenes that really are breath taking.Must watch the Movie……4.5 Out of 5


    • i think u are addicted to the only hollywood movies they are good but krrish3 all the special effects are done in india only and i thinks its great
      story is bit ordinary i can understand but not that bad as u mention here because i have seen the film and story is very logical nothing is illogical in the film or faltu

  59. It is the brave flime, starting of indian si-fi, it is grate start 4 indian cinema, if u only compare with holly movi its nt fare, krrish 3 madeup with 2% budget of that kind of flim.. We have to respect team krrish 3.. Carry on.

  60. i think it is a great effort by rakesh roshan to make such a kind of film hatts off to him let me remind you all guys all the special efffects were done in india only and it was great experience

  61. Krrish 3 is nice movie….it is first movie which all scene shoot in india..and all acter are indian..lead as well as supporting.

  62. Hey mr. Basu, do u knw wat hv u wrote? By reading your review i don’t see any knowledge and critics ability in u. U might be xperiend bt ur review seems u hate krrish. U r too harsh 2 d movie.
    U told, ‘movie contains poor acting n ovr d top dialogues’. I must realise u hrithik is d best actor in bollywood at present aftr amitabh sir. Evn d best critic rajeev masand sir gave xtra haf star 4 hrithik.
    Except u n paloma sharma gave such a pathetic review. U don’t hv skills really, watch d movie again.

  63. Best Indian Science Fiction Movie “Krrish 3” Although its look like bit Carbon copy of “Man of Steel” but very good effort from Rakesh Roshan and Hrithik Roshan . Highly Recommended to watch.
    2 out 5 its really a miss justice, Best Indian science fiction movie. its deserve 4.5/5.
    No more trust On Koimoi

  64. Bad movie. No entertainment at all. Earning bcoz no other big movie release. 5-6 day long diwali weekend. Veyr highly priced tickets and released in 4500 screens in india.

  65. Krrish 3…..2 rating…..
    vry poor koimoi…..
    people will no more be interested in ur reviews….
    krrish 3 must get 4 star rating…
    xcellent movie wid superawsum stunts…

  66. KRISH 3 is an AWESOME and MUST WATCH MOVIE !!!!!!! Its totally INJUSTICE to give 2 STARS to KRISH 3 …… IT DESERVES 4.5 STARS , and it MUST be given to it . And Its BESTEST SUPERHERO MOVIE IN INDIA…….. and WILL GIVE TOUGH COMPETITON TO HOLLYWOOD MOVIES TOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. very amazing movie….
    Hollywood se compare kyu karte ho….
    pehle apna dil se ghar banaao
    fir uski compare white house se krna okk
    Mr. R.saha

  68. Mohar basu must change her profession
    According to her grand masti 0.5 star but every one liked it
    100 crore movie
    Den she gave better points to besharam nd its flop
    Nw krrish everyone liked it bt mohar basu gave 2stars.
    koimoi change ur critic who doesnt hv knowledge of mass public she only write hr own opinion ..disgusting

  69. I want to say something to those people who are saying its a copy…….Most of bollywood film are copied by either hollywood or tamil movie. It doesnt matter. But u must see the effort of rakesh roshan who is trying to take over the hollywood movies. Isnt it a great job by him ???? The era has begin of making superhero movie like hollywood in India i think its a good sign for bollywood………..

  70. koi mil gaya our krees our krees 3 ko jisko samajh me nahi aaya usko kuch samajh me nahi aayega
    kyun ki ise samajhna sabke bas ki baat nahi hai

    क्यों कि इसे समझना सबके बस कि बात नहीं है

  71. krrish 3 movie bahut acha hai

    क्र्रिश ३ मूवी बहुत अछा है

    मैं इसे १०० में १०० % देता हु

    Did I give 100% at 100

  72. mohar basu has lost his mental balance even a mental will give 4.5/5 to k-3
    moharji chinta mat karo mere pas psychiatrist ka number hai aapki booking karwa lunga

  73. For those who are going to criticise this movie saying that it’s a kid movie or cartoonish – well, I believe that you just lack some brain cells. Rating certificate – 12A. I would say that this a 15 certified movie – with the concept of genes and DNA manipulation, cross-breeding of species to create human/animal hybrids, physics of light etc – these are not childish stuffs. Kids are there for the Krrish avatar but the whole concept of the story is far more advanced and dark.

    The whole story actually makes sense – for those who say there’s no logic then I’m afraid you have a very low IQ. You need to watch it again with audio description, sign language maybe or accompanied by your parent or a scientist if you can afford one.

    It’s a sci-fi movie and yes, some aspects have been borrowed from other hollywood movies but it’s wrong to say that there’s been plagiarism (only maybe for “Antman” which is a Marvel’s licenced superhero’s name).

    The special effects are simply mind-blowing – it’s not like the typical 3D animation compared to the likes of “Bal Ganesh”. Not at all. The CGI has been rendered emulating light, metal, glass, flesh quite beautifully. It’s quite amazing for a bollywood movie and that’s where it brings out the awe!!

    Krrish himself in not invicible – that’s the beauty of the character. He suffers, he bleeds too. He does not boast about anything.

    The Manvars – they are the hybrids and it has also been explained why they are so. Watch the movie again and you’ll get the point. They are not X-Men characters to give the movie an edge. They have a purpose. They are the creation of Kaal and he has his reasons why he created them..

    Kaal himself is menacing and his manic intentions are quite obvious. Blind people always develop a 6th sense to compensate for the missing sight sense. People with deficiencies or those who require special needs always have something special (Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton – autism, UK hacker Gary McKinnon – Asperger’s Syndrome, Leonardo DaVinci and pablo Picasso – Dyslexic…)This explains the telekinetic powers of Kaal. He’s been glued to his wheelchair but then he’s been strengthening his mind abilities – so strong that he moves objects with his fingers. The power of telekinesis – this is not some mumbo-jumbo. It’s scientific fact.

    I’m not here to prove show intelligent I am – I just want to pass on a simple message that this movie has input loads of great stuffs never seen before in a bollywood movie. It’s not something out of a silly hobby. It was conceived through good research so before you bash it as mindless, childish, cartoonish, question your own mental understanding 1st.


    • Krrish 3 contains a lot of sci-fi stuff and its not easy to understand..!! Hence, the story-makers have kept its story simple for the people to understand the movie…!! But, these reviewers say that Krrish 3 has no scripting & story..!!

  74. I dont know how BOI collect k3 data but its sure that they does not want to show his site any other actor enter 200cr club without KHAN

  75. I use to rely the figures of KOIMOI as authentic. Now I have heard that the figures of Krrish3 is not correct. It may be rumour.But rerquest KOIMOI to check the figures for authenticity.


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