Rating: 3/5 Stars (Three stars)

Star Cast: Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma, Amit Sadh, Randeep Hooda

Director: Ali Abbas Zafar

Sultan Movie Poster
Sultan Movie Poster

What’s Good: Sultan is a mixed bag of emotion, action, love and of course Salman Khan. It is a love story at its core but the coat of wrestling works well!

What’s Bad: Like majority of films dealing with sports, Sultan too has its shortcomings. Also since it takes off with a love angle, it may disappoint many who may have expected it to concentrate on wrestling.

Loo Break: You could use one!

Watch or Not?: This is an out and out a commercial film that has its moments of outstretched realities. For those who enjoy drama, this is the perfect weekend watch!

User Rating:

Sultan Khan is slightly immatured for his age and so while he is running a cable business, a love at first sight moment for him changes his life.

After a chance meeting with Aarfa, Haryana’s famous female wrestler, Sultan falls for her and tries every trick in the book to woo her. He soon learns that she will only marry a wrestler who has competed beyond the state level and that becomes the motto of his life. Sultan trains himself to be worthy of her and to stand tall in his own eyes.

With his physical as well as mental strength, Sultan goes on to create milestones and even wins at the Olympics. He even marries Aarfa but his toughest fight with life is yet to come.

Will Sultan’s growing arrogance ruin his marriage with Aarfa? Witness the rise, fall and rise of Sultan!

Anushka Sharma and Salman Khan in a still from movie 'Sultan'
Anushka Sharma and Salman Khan in a still from movie ‘Sultan’

Sultan Review: Script Analysis

Frankly speaking, Sultan‘s trailer itself was enough to give you an insight into what the film is all about. The only thing that will come as a surprise is that actually it is a love story. The writers offer nothing fresh when it comes to the plot of this film.

It is laden with cliches and if you are Bollywood buff, you know what will be the second half in the interval itself. Question is, was the execution good enough for you to forget the loopholed script?

I’m not a huge fan of films that take cinematic liberties for granted and come up with larger than life stories. In case of Sultan, it is not an over the top story, it’s just that it is too Filmy.

At one point, Aarfa’s love story forming a hurdle in her ambition reminds us exactly of Mary Kom.

So basically, it is highly archaic and hence the typical elements of a sports drama come in picture.

The dialogues have been penned in keeping with Salman’s personality. Sadly, none of them have the quality to become epic like the Chak De ‘Sattar minute’.

Sultan’s character is interestingly built as he goes from being immature to focused to broken as life throws punches at him.

So while the first half is entertaining with Salman’s killer physique being plastered on screen and soon his funny dance moves, it is the second half that tires you out.

Emotional drama in the second half seems a tad bit unnecessary but then again, these are the signs that it is a YRF film.

Sultan Review: Star Performance

Salman Khan definitely worked hard on attaining that body and he needs to be lauded for it. At 50, watching him wrestle, dance, romance and emote with such ease in Sultan will be delight for his fans. The stark change that his character goes through is ably portrayed by him. He is definitely a watcher in this film!

Anushka Sharma gives a strong support to Sultan’s character in the film. Her performance is fairly good and surprisingly the chemistry with Salman too.

Amit Sadh and Randeep Hooda have cameo roles in the film and both fit their roles quite seamlessly. We do wish there was a little more Randeep in the film!

The supporting character of Govind has been excellently played by Anant Sharma.

Sultan Review: Direction, Music

Director Ali Abbas Zafar should be all set to have his shining moment since the film will undoubtedly become a blockbuster. For Salman Khan fans, the director is offering everything they want.

Capturing the spirit of Akhadas in smaller towns of India, Zafar has done a fine job with his lens. Like Maneesh Sharma, he too captures a good chunk the lifestyles of the tier two cities.

Even as the script fails, Zafar relies on his lead star to carry the film on his shoulders. From his Mere Brother Ki Dulhan and Gunday days, we have to say that the director has definitely come a far way.

If only, he had made sure to keep the film a little crisper it would have been better. The second half drags and not all fights are captured well enough to keep you at the edge of the seat. Also, execution of the mixed martial arts tournament could have been done better.

The music is hummable and certain tracks strike a chord.

Sultan Review: The Last Word

Sultan is not a sports drama! It is a sheer Salman Khan drama. For its entertainment value and a cliched but watchable storyline, I am going with a 3/5 for the film.

Sultan Trailer

Sultan releases on 6th July, 2016.

Share with us your experience of watching Sultan.

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  1. Shaandaar jabardast..Its one and Only Sultan…. 4.5 out of 5 stars.a must watch film . Love u Bhaijan.

  2. Movie is gud or not it will make money. And salman can pay his lawyers more after box office success.

  3. A very good film done by Salman Bhaaii and the team a must watch film superhit movie aukaat and auraat best words

  4. We shame as indian its most bakwas athletic movie wrost acting by salman now he looks to much older, overacting by anushaka sharma, its a very boring movie koimoi always support this khan movie its get 0.5 out of 5 most bakwas & boring movie. Airlift is the best movie of 2015

  5. Superhit!
    U gav only 3…
    U mean drama nhi hona chaahiye..
    Arey dumbo..we indians love drama
    Salman real superstar..
    Tum losers ke kehne se kuch farak nhi padta

  6. Whatever rank you give 3 or 1.5, Salman Khan movie will always make 250C to 300C. I live in Malaysia, the first day was fully advance booked. I watched movie on 2nd day with advance booking and it was house full too. Best of luck Sullu bhai… the movie is supper and awesome emotional story.

  7. It’s a very nice movie…all types of stories carrying all emotions like love ,emotions and fight is there.And those who are commenting against the movie…..u all should know that the are srk fans……but how can a fool come to know that how an excellant actor Bhaijaan is !!!!

  8. It’s a very nice movie…all types of stories carrying all level emotions like love ,emotions and fight is there.And those who are commenting against the movie…..u all should know that the are sharab khan’s fan……but how a fool come to know that how an excellant actor Bhaijaan is !!!!

  9. Sorry this movie is very predictable..if it was not a salman movie,it would have been a flop.The fight was boring and silly.Why not keep a physically fit actor who can do some kicks.I rate it 2 out of 5. Sorry salman,u disappointed me this time.

  10. Salman bhai stop releasing ur movies on eid. Even v r ur fans. Release ur films on Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali also

  11. You guy’s just don;t have sense describe good movies, This movie is 70% copy of Cinderella Man 2005, Just like Barfi which was copy from The Note Book.
    Bollywood has no story to show except copy to Hollywood

  12. Are as monday come the movie down business agar yeh movie 5 din ka weakend nahi milta to hard to reach 200 crore bcz nothing new in this movie bb achi movie thi but it not bb kind movie its hard to break now dhoom 3 aur sorry par salman now look liitle older in this movie.

  13. Very good movie ….. zindagi may izzath kamao. .. ghurrur nahi …… aur zindagi may jab tak haar na mano… ki… zindagi hi Harjaye. ….. powerfull movie..

  14. Sultan rocks!!
    Excellent movie of Salman Khan

    Sultan inspires, motivates and teaches endurance and perseverance

    Must watch for everyone, not to be missed!!

  15. Salman is improving day by day in acting & choosing films, which is bringing him great successes… Sultan is just another example!

  16. bekar movie hai ye salman kiii…dhol aur budhhha lag raha hai salman …ye anushka bachhi lag rahi iss budhhe k saath…… .5 out of 5 ….. khali randeep theek laga 1 star to him….aur baaki chutiye lage….ghatiya filmo main ye 3 par hai ….baaki 1 number par prem ratan aur 2 par kick hai

  17. Surubhi ,from which cota you been selected for a movie critic?
    This movie deserves 0/5..ali abbas jafar ko mauka miltavto wo sultan ko chand pe v phucha de.

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