Dhoom 3 Movie Poster
Dhoom 3 Movie Poster

Rating: 4/5 Stars (Four Stars)

Star cast: Aamir Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Uday Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Jackie Shroff.

Director: Vijay Krishna Acharya

What’s Good: The raw high octane action sequences, the pitch perfect bike thrills and mostly a great writing which lacked in both the previous editions.

What’s Bad: Stretching at 3 Hours, the film is a little too long but at its advantage never boring. However, Aamir and Katrina’s amateurish love track could have been avoided.

Loo break: None

Watch or Not?: Dhoom 3 is a definite must watch. Breathtakingly shot with gorgeous cinematography, this edition notches higher than its preceding films in terms of thrills and mostly in terms of soul. You wouldn’t want to miss a defining moment in the history of commercial films of Bollywood. There is all the action and gadgets, seamlessly beaded together but with a story that crackles!

User Rating:

The story starts with the history of Great Indian Circus in Chicago which is mortgaged at the Western Chicago Bank. Its owner Iqbal (Jackie Shroff) has found the magic trick of wooing the bankers but loses the bait unfortunately.

On an eventful night of the circus, Iqbal kills himself due to his inability to save his circus. Years later, Chicago bank is being robbed relentlessly and the thief leaves a Joker’s mask each time. Iqbal’s son Sahir(Aamir Khan) manages to start up their circus again co-incidentally. The Bombay Police is summoned and obvious links are found between Iqbal’s son Sahir’s involvement in the burglary.

Will Jai (Abhishek Bachchan) and Ali(Uday Chopra) win against Sahir who is determined to seek revenge and destroy the bank for life?

Aamir Khan in a still from Dhoom 3
Aamir Khan in a still from Dhoom 3

Dhoom 3 Review: Script Analysis

It takes a while for the film’s plot to reveal completely. Luckily the writers pack in ample suspense to keep your interest latched to the film from the scene go. While Dhoom and Dhoom 2 both worked because of style and slickness, this one works for its grit. It essentially has all the fun and entertainment that comes as a package from the franchise but luckily this time the makers did not decide to give the story a miss. Aamir’s bikes and all the death defying stunts are extremely filmy to the core giving the audiences a taste of what essentially qualifies as Bollywood, but this time they infuse a highly emotional story.

Of course, one wouldn’t watch Dhoom for a story. It has always been about the ‘femme fatalles’ and ‘Fast and Furious’ stunts. But this one reveals itself as less of a wet dream than what you expect. I specifically like the realistic writing that was attempted in this one. Using one of Bollywood’s archaic props in a contemporary movie like this is astonishing and commendably used.

The reason why the writing is great in this film is not because of how the story is structured but on what it is based. Getting to India, the concept of international circus, recovering the Shakespearean idea of wittiness of a clown is praiseworthy.

The film in the second half resorts to unbelievable sloppiness and slackens a little in terms of looseness in the consistency of film’s writing but nevertheless, the use of a few extremely stellar ideas makes this film fantastic for me.

Dhoom 3 Review: Star Performances

It is best to reveal as little as possible about Aamir’s character. To say the least, Aamir Khan is sincere in whatever he does. He plays every shade of his role with smoothness, ease and perfection.

Katrina Kaif is beautiful in every frame. She is perfect with her acts and the dance. Sadly, her role isn’t written with more meat or emotion.

Abhishek Bachchan is as good as Jai Dixit as he has always been.

And no curt words for Uday Chopra. God bless him for all the comic relief he provides. Without him, Dhoom would be a brooding and distastefully somber.

Dhoom 3 Review: Direction, Editing and Screenplay

Vijay Krishna Acharya does his job quite well. Though comparisons with Gadhvi is unavoidable, let’s just say he is differently better. We have always watched Dhoom for car smashes, bike chases, but this time Dhoom for me was way more from the heart. And I for one, enjoyed way more.

I have always rooted for the Dhoom villains more so for Hrithik Roshan. His cucumber cool demeanor and composed style of stealing made me go woot for him. He was just so much cooler than the policemen. But this time my heart went out for the villains. Their emotional baggage was so believable that you’ll want them to win in each of their attempts.

The film’s editing could have been more taut. The dramatic sequences might seem overdrawn especially because the film borders at a runtime of nearly three hours. For its length, the film deters you a little but don’t let that come in the way of you having a blast at the cinemas.

Dhoom 3 Review: The Last Word

Dhoom 3 was spectacular and majestic. Keeping a strong hold on the emotional prowess of its plot, the film sews in the slick action so awe strikingly. Don’t go in expecting an Aamir Khan film because it isn’t without flaws. But it gets right everything that is a must for commercial films, especially its ability to grasp on to the interest of audiences. Even cool thieves are vulnerable people and to be able to get that correct is what makes Dhoom 3 a winner. One bang up job! I am going with 4 stars for the only hitch that good films don’t necessarily need to stretch this long.

Dhoom 3 Trailer

Dhoom 3 releases on 20th December, 2013.

Share with us your experience of watching Dhoom 3.

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Dhoom 3
Reviewed by
Mohar Basu
and Rated

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  1. I watched it and it’s a disappointment. Rip-off from hollywood films, ridiculous action, constipated acting, silly storyline, sleazy katrina…really bad…

    • Well, i think movie like Ready, Dabangg, Chennai Express are suitable for you. Its not a rip-off you dumb idiot. Action is ridiculous? then whose action is better…? Constipated acting? Joke of the year. OMG storyline is silly? D1 and D2’s stories are nothing compared to D3. Kat is too good but unfortunately her role demanded some limitation. You better watch films, reviewing it is not your forte.

  2. everything is fake… collection doesn’t matter becoz due to
    more publicity , movies already collects 100 cr. in advance booking,,,so we cant say the collection is due to the performance of film…

  3. D3 story revealed :-
    Jackie shroff runs a circus which is in financial crises n no bank helps him so he plans to rob a bank but gets killed in crossfire in front of his child aamir khan. When aamir grows up he uses jackie’s plans to rob banks as revenge. When the case comes to abhishek n uday they start tracking aamir n eventually discover his past n use it to trap aamir. But aamir is smartass. He sees this deception n plans ahead. Gets caught n robs a bank from prison. Epic. When abhishek learn aamir made a fool out of police he goes after katrina who’s aamir’s circus partner n asst. he catches aamir by smartly manipulating katrina n catches amir. Enraged amir assumes that katrina has been working with abhishek all along so he plans a final robbery which would lead to katrina’s death. But this time abhishek is a step ahead. He catches aamir in the act which leads to cat n mouse chase n eventually results in aamir n katrina being caught. At the end aamir kills katrina n gets killed by abhishek n uday.


  4. The movie is not over the first show. How did u write such a long review. I realised that u have written before watching for all the movies. How can we trust u?

  5. katrina is a trash for this movie haha bitch always given poor crap acting! she always poor the movie with her bad hindhi speaking. terrible choice to take her in the movie. Stipid britsh girl.

    Krishh 3 is better!

  6. Dhoom 3,,a must watch.Never seen a bollywood movie like this.
    Dhoom3 is Baap of the films of 2013.
    i watch first day first show My pulse is still racing.. packed with surprises that catch your heart & give it a tight squeeze! Very proud of you victor!….awasome…

  7. Laughed out loud after watching it. Copied from Prestige, Now You See Me, Illusionist, Dark Knight etc. The most logical and important thing for any movie was lacking that is ‘LOGIC’ itself. Abhshek Uday’s introductory action scene reminds you of south Indian films.
    Aamir tries to hard while recalling his past, Katrina is simply bland!

    Moreover, the never seen before “secret/trick” had been seen before in Prestige, yeah Aamir has double role, one as Sahir and other as mentally ill Samar, while he managed to act decently as Sahir, he looked unintentionally funny as Samar when he tried to be emotional.

    On the top of that, I was waiting from the star till end to know how the heck did he ROBBED all those banks, but out Tashan director didn’t even bother explaining it, bank has got tight security , still he manages to rob them, and the chasing scene starts, aren’t we supposed to know how did he manage to rob them? But director didn;t bother revealing it. Is this supposed to be a joke?

  8. Koimoi…………..if u r talking about script, emotion and action put in together, i would any day rate Race as a very good and high octane movie.

    Why is that KOIMOI always project that Aamir Khan is the only good actor in the country.

  9. awesom movie… excellent stunts bt spoiled climax….. songs in hindi wer owsum bt in telugu evry song was spoiled….. especially the tap dance was marvellous

  10. Please explain every one how the roberry took place at least in DHOOM 4.
    Its a very BAD movie, AAmir lost his repo doing this kind of movies.
    Specially I tahnk to the Multiplexes who provided us with “ZANDU BALM” to put on our head and left over on the “SCREEN”

  11. just saw a movie biggest disappointment of the year although i love amir but the movie hurts a lot because of him role doesn’t suits him…angryy kidd thumb downnn

  12. Beyond an Expectations.. Aamir’s Acting is Phenomenal. Bestest Movie in Indian Cinema. Story is also Very Good . Overall Paisa Wasool. I won’t Shock if this Movie Gets OSCAR.

  13. ek movie ko dosri movie say compare krne ka kia faidah

    agar yeh NOW U SEE ME movie ki copy bhi he tb bhi us say story wise to bhi kai tarah say bilkul different he

    or D3 ka apna maza he or CE ka apna mza tha dono movies deserve krti hen records bnana

    ap log jo movie dekh lo baad mai beizati krne beth jaty ho us movie ki

    not fair yaar

    ab dekhna jb JAI HO release ho gi tk ap kaho gy k D3 say achi he blah blah

    yaar sb movies k dekhne ka maza lo na ek movie ko dosri movie k sath compare kun krty ho ap say kon pooch rha?

    grow up

  14. This is a sort of movie you get once a year or in two years! Mindblowing and storyline is soul-touching!! But I wonder what Kat is doing in the film!! Though the film is almost 3 hours long, I felt it short!

  15. frnds shahrukh ke fans kafi dislike kr rhe he….. lekin agar user rating dekhe to 4 stars he mtlb movie achhhi he….. it is awsome movie….. gr8 action and story…. better than lst 2 edition… must watch…… sharukh ke fans kro dislike… me tum logo ki feeling smjhta hu…. karo karo.. :p

  16. DHOOM 3 : – The secret of doubles
    (twins) in the circus is a COPY of
    ( huge Jackman and christian bale.)

  17. This movie is too good from writing point of view and of course direction did assist it well.
    Dnt go to the movie expecting how a thief robs a bank nd how he runs away….
    Hollywood is there to lure u guys in tis case n u may end up saying “aise stunt real hai kya, D-1,2 mein robberys achhi thi” etc,etc.

    How often do we get to see such good theme of circus blended so skillfully nd beautifully in a commercial movie.. Brave attempt

    Amir as usual was exceptionally the perfect. Katrina did just right for her short timed character. Uday excells in his comedy as in prev. editions. Abhishek got a more scope for acting n he proved why he is worth a mettle in this franchise.

    What bad i can say about D-3 guys is the stretch it does in few scenes which cost it an additional half hour n in rating 4 star(than 5). I think its the first franchise getting better with its sequels.

    Dnt listen to reveiws which term it as bad movie, less action more emotion. Got a bit hurt 2day to hear tis frm many so wrote so long :-P
    This is far far better than the fake action, fake story brought up in a bolywood masala movie.


  18. The action sequences are so pathetic.Even Himesh pulled of the rickshaw stunt better in his flop movie.The action sequences are so pathetically done up.Even the bike used in the first stunt sequence is fake at the critical parts like the jumps (It is a cheaply modified R15 2.0 not the S1000RR for those scenes )then they switch the camera to show the real bike again.(Even the last scene of doom 1 had a fake busa but it was tastefully done to an extent where it was not easily noticeable.Some of Aamir’s stunt sequence like the one with the bike riding on a wire also first shows the bike having no tyres on the rims then they mysteriously appear.plus the bizarre transformers like features of the twin bikes linking also makes no sense.
    The first half is not at all good although it makes up with the story in the second half.


  20. awwwwwwwwweaome movie.
    inemetography, screenplay, plot, direction n all of above aamir sir’s acting is just outstanding.Abhishek uday n katrina too did a awesome job

  21. awwwwwwwwweaome movie.
    cinemetography, screenplay, plot, direction n all of above aamir sir’s acting is just outstanding.Abhishek uday n katrina too did a awesome job.

  22. 4/5 ratings??
    Wow.. r u really gone mad over Aamir Khan??
    Dumbest story, but Aamir’s acting and overhyped action scenes (which i felt as unrealistic) is what saved the movie.

    The most funneyst part of all,

    “A robbery happens in US, & US asks Mumbai police’s help to catch the thief..!!”

    Wooo… Yenna rascalaa.

  23. Amir Khan is a true Mega Star of this era,He also proved with his top class movies like Dhoom 3,3 idiot,Ghajni,Rang de Basanti,Dil Chata Hai,Lagaan etc.
    Pls go and watch movie.Don’t give these type of negative comments.These comments will not give you any thing.

    • who r u to show some one else’s aukaat…. it is tr review about the movie and all are free to express, like or dislike……..

  24. Dhoom 3 is the best movie amir khan is superb really its a one man show a must watch film dhoom 3 is 2013s best film better than chennai express, and krrsh 3

  25. biggest flop of the year




  26. Review really doesn’t matter when its an Aamir Khan movie. Still thanks for this one. I am gonna watch it in few hours. EXCITED!!!

    • Aamir’s body language & acting is depicted so brilliantly that it can’t help but serve a stark reminder to other stars that Aamir is the best actor in Bollywood.
      One of the greatest performances in history of Indian cinema.
      Hats off Aamir.

    • Aamir expressions and the shift in the character’s body language are intriguing and you realise why he is called a perfectionist. The sensitive and acting centric movies are Aamir’s main strength, but roles like this prove that he can give tough competition to the other Khans if he comes round to doing more commercial cinema like Dhoom 3.

      One of the gratest movie of Indian cinema.


  27. first 45 minutes … boring … compare dhoom 3 with dhoom 2 .. dhoom 2 is winner .. i am a dhoom fan n seriously dhoom 3 is overhype .. running on bank building but none of the camera catches the face of aamir khan .. hmm doesn’t make sense ..

  28. Mohat Basu is a huge hypocrite. He searches for logic and story in movies like Chennai Express and Kkrish 3 and gives Dhoom 3 a 4 star.This movie is good but it is nowhere near 4 star. 3 star would have been generous enough. The Cinematography is good, locations are great, brilliant stunts but too much slo-mo, Katrina is as usual in her 12 year girl avatar with short dress and dumb face. Amir is a nice actor but what is it with his pseudo-arrogant facial expression throughout the movie (Remember Tai Lung from Kungfu Panda?). Abhishek and Uday had always been let downs so can’t expect better from them.Climax copied from “The Prestige” of Christopher Nolan. Chicago cops can’t handle a thief so they call upon two Indians for it.(It might appeal to some knuckleheads.) Amir leaves a mask and a tagline “Teri aisi ki tesi” (As if it was not funny enough with his expression).No heist is shown but only escapes. Its is a brilliant movie if and only if you will wash your brain and go in to the theater and wash it again after you come out. Beyond that its a definite one time watch in theater and 2-3-4 or more on TV.

  29. super flop as per previous dhoom sequel ,zero story line little at entertainment ,nothing good except BMW bike & locations

  30. Why do u people appriciate aamir khan movies so much…u people don’t hollywood movies. ..his every great movies is copy(theme of the film) of hollywood movies such as taalash from the six sense,ghajini from momento,dhoom 3 from now u see me…except 3 idiots.

  31. Aamir u acting is super but u hav not given more role katrina and stuptid abhishek in auto.. he should stop acting & should start riding auto

  32. at least director should have shown us how did aamir rob the bank 3 times .. dhoom1 and 2 shows the smartness of thief how thief actually rob everyone .. dhoom3 shows nothing like that .. lengthy chase scenes are boring .. .. dhoom3 doesn’t deserve to be in dhoom franchise .. they shld name something different like JADWAA 2 ..

  33. D3 first day includes high IMAX prices and would be lower if there was a paid preview. It will not sustain after the curiosity weekend.

  34. frnds shahrukh ke fans kafi dislike kr rhe he….. lekin agar user rating dekhe to 4 stars he mtlb movie achhhi he….. it is awsome movie….. gr8 action and story…. better than lst 2 edition… must watch…… sharukh ke fans kro dislike… me tum logo ki feeling smjhta hu…. karo karo.. :p


  36. supense is best and two times better than mashala flim like r. rajkumar and hundred times better than suspance flim jackpot

  37. Dhoom 3 is one of the best movie ….It will break all the record ..Ammir u r superb ….I watch dis movie yesterday action song and climax is superb …
    Love u Ammir n katrina ..

  38. It is an awesome and really fantastic film . it’s stunning film . it can break all records of industries ….
    i think so this film is going to be a super duper hit ….

  39. It is an awesome and really fantastic film . it’s stunning film . it can break all records of industries ….
    i think so this film is going to be a super duper hit ….

  40. 4 stars for this movie? Really??? The movie isn’t worth 2 stars…
    I have always believed Koimoi’s critics and thought atleast u guys are not biased like the other critics. Most critics who publicly get to note their views literally make us feel that their comments for a movie are scripted by the movie’s director…. But not anymore guys, i seriously feel that every movie review we read is to make a big fool of the readers, never gonna visit Koimoi for movie reviews again…. Read your reviews and went to the movie with great hopes.. came back with a headache….

  41. Full to bakwass, worthless, mindless movie.. Hey Mohar Basu and Vijay Acharya.. Have u watched 1st 2 versions of Dhoom? There were no tricks to rob the bank and wat the logic behind dis robbing? how the bank is being bankrupted? by flying its money from its roof. i don’t think a bank would be keeping its all money and revenue in cash form? Guys, stop giving fake reviews… Don’t go through its stunts only.. apply ur mind and logic 1st, then comment…. Aamir has taken a very wrong decision.. its a very bundal movie..

  42. Movie was okay. I like SAMAR’s character very much.Aamir is good as SAHIR and fantastic as SAMAR. Stunts are average.So sad that ACP JAI DIXIT’s character was totally ignored.

  43. If you run a race, declare your own results, do your own add-on (Imax, so called no paid preview, all India and no worldwide when it suits you), you get big figures. This game of fake figures must stop. By the way, Mr AK said a good movie like his 3I earned 5 times opening. So, we see if D3 can earn 500 in 4 weeks and then talk!

  44. 4 stars is an over-rating for Dhoom 3.
    Aamir has done his job very well as an actor.
    Otherwise there is no substance in the movie.

  45. How much did the YRF guys pay mohar basu??? this is a clear cut paid review….BAD script bad movie..would not even get 1 star….

    • yeh star kis base pr daty hn or is movie pr effect hota hy is mn movie mn kia nh hy jis ke waja sy aap ko achi nh lugy.

  46. such a disgusting movie in which u see the bike being transformed to a boat, a flying get….pathetic story line,,,waste of money.
    i dont Knw how on earth could u give 4 stars! its ironic. lmao get a Lyf..

  47. Boring movie……Boring movie……Boring movie……Boring movie……Boring movie……Boring movie……Boring movie……Boring movie……Boring movie……Boring movie……Boring movie……Boring movie……Boring movie……Boring movie……Boring movie……Boring movie……Boring movie……Boring movie……

  48. Some people are so desperate trying to vote dhoom 3 down just to support their favourite star. Dhoom 3 is awesome and is already rocking the box office.

  49. Amir khan is bap of aal star
    Dosto ye ek yesa star hai jo bina actress ke vi blockbuster movie deta hai sarukh khan ki movie se ya or jitne vi star hai unke movie se agar actress ko hata do to movie flop ho jayegi only amir khan ke he is real king not like romantic hero he is the best. Only one

  50. i think it should be renamed from dhoom 3 to dhool 3..
    no prefect robbery..
    no action ..
    aamir was good ..but ..theme was poor..
    i think dhoom 1 and 2 were fantastic as dhoom 3…….

  51. Honesty speaking as myself , Film is not as expecting amir booms so spechless about this film problems …maza nhi aya waiting for dhoom 4 :-)

  52. abhishek bachhan totally waste.katrina has two songs, one kiss and role is over. uday chopra will announce his retirement soon. aditya chopra has made a big mistake by sacrificing the roles of these stars just because of aamir. at last an overdose of aamir khan. poor songs. illogical idea.

  53. Mohar basu plz resign ur job…. U r gud for nothing if u review like this and rate dhoom 3 4stars….. The most ridiculous film of the year…. 3 hours wasted on ur reviews… Aamir nt expected this from u…. Uday chopra should have been thrown at the climax…. Gud for nothing…. Plz dnt watch

  54. Movie Is Good But I Don’t Think It’s A Dhoom Series Movie Due To
    1. No Any Robbery Seen
    2. Abhi Role Is Not Like As ACP Jay.
    3. Also Katrina Role Is Not Strong Compare To Ash & Bipasha
    Only Ali Character I Feel Like Dhoom Character

  55. Kia baat hai http://www.koimoi ke review team for dhoom 3 ki “Kia paisa khaaya hai? ” or otherwise such lousy low class action movies cannot be called majestic. Such movie survive because of people with taste like the one reviewing above.

    Where is the class that used to be HIndi cinema.

  56. I love Aamir Khan ” its brilliant acting in dhoom -3 . same as per 3- idiot movie but action is super on this season .

    who is next ??????????

  57. bekar movie ha aamir se 3 idiots or talash jasi acchi movies dene ke bad asi expectations nhi thi i give only 2 stars to this movie. please don’t watch

  58. Waves,,,Storm,,,,and tornado of JAI HO IS COMING SOON>>>>>>>>>>>DISASTER IN BOX OFFICE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>JAI HO 900 CR INDIA>>>>>>>>everyone loves salman bhai jaan>>>>>>>>>>wait for this movie and look 900 CR box office record only in INDIA

  59. You All foolish peoples why you all saying dhoom 3 is rock i think you people did not see now you see me in hindi dubbed if you watched then you does not watch again in remake like dhoom 3.
    Dhoom 3 is 95 % copy of now you see me and 5 % the prestige hollywood movies

  60. Box Office Collection ko choro Dhoom 3 102% instead of of total cost while chennai express 202% instead of total cost ye batao producers ko paisa wasool kis ne kar ke dia
    SRK Rock

  61. Waste of time and money… Total bakwas film hai. KOIMOI ne 4 stars kis khushi mey diye hain aise bakwas film ko ??? Yeh 0.5 stars k qaabil b nahi hai… Shame on KOIMOI… Even talaash was better than this shit…

  62. Itz bullshit, after dis review i am not going to believe koimoi,how come 4/5 for a nonsense story where LOGIC has no value, Amir u really disappointed me :(

  63. who is ths mohar basu…does he have the quality of becoming a critic…he gv d3 **** & queen ****..ths shows tht hw good he undrstnds film…fr me ths ths kinda ppl shdnt be allowed to say a single word….and also thr r sm mre exampls…he gave holiday *** & kick*, so he cudnt find any diff btwn ths two films..holidy is far more bettr in terms of action, thrill &the overall movie..thn hse toh phsee *** & gunday ***1/2…

  64. like this movie kick is much much much much excellent this movie dialouge bande hain ham uske blah blah blah i like it


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