PK Movie Poster
PK Movie Poster

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars (Three and half stars)

Star Cast: Aamir Khan, Sushant Singh Rajput, Anushka Sharma, Sanjay Dutt, Saurabh Shukla, Boman Irani

Director: Rajkumar Hirani

What’s Good: A story with multiple layers that deal with human emotions at its best. This film is exemplary of what we call unravelling the true human nature and at its best the Indian way of living. We are the ones who break laws, believe in unworthy and fraud Godmen, take each other’s lives in the name of religion and in this upside down world when a person like PK enters, there is a lot to explore.

What’s Bad: Just when you are enjoying the first half with its wit, the second half turns out a little disappointing when you are served worth a little bit of over the top drama. Rest assures, I cannot find flaws in the work of Rajkumar Hirani who certainly knows how to connect emotions and give away a social message.

Loo break: No! You don’t want to miss what PK is about to do next!

Watch or Not?: Definitely watch. PK is a rare film, they do not make them like that anymore. This one is a delight for all its silly, comic, serious and witty nature all rolled into one. There is little to disagree with in this film and certainly if you want to sit, laugh and still go home thinking and reviewing some of your daily actions. Watch it for all its novel ideas and the innocence with which PK conveys them.

User Rating: 

PK is certainly nothing you have ever seen before. Keeping in mind that suspense is a key element here I will not disclose any spoilers.

When a heartbroken Jagat Janini (Anushka Sharma) returns to India from Bruges, she meets the unusual PK (Aamir Khan) and tags along with him on his journey. She is a journalist who is trying to find a story worth telling but what she finds in PK is much more than a story but a dear friend who is stuck in a problem that she will help him solve.

PK is a satire on God and Godmen and also on certain simplistic ways of living that we put up with and when a stranger called PK questions these beliefs and ideas, the lives of Jagat Janini and all around her are about the film

PK Movie Poster
PK Movie Poster

PK Review: Script Analysis

Rarely do we come across films which have the quality to stay with you but this film is one of them. In a country like India topics such as Religion and God are only spoken about in unwatched documentaries which are often on the radar of religious groups and more often than not, they are banned. Taking this topic commercially and presenting it a comic manner, Rajkumar Hirani stuns us and PK is certainly a masterpiece of sorts coming from him.

Abhijat Joshi requires a special mention for the dialogues and mind you the ‘Bhojpuri’ language connection is worth knowing. While the film’s dialogue promos gave the feel that this has a good chunk of witty comedy, well the theater watch goes a notch higher as you end up laughing only to realize the kind of world we live in and not long after you will get self-critical about our way of life.

Even though a lot of people may compare it to OMG! Oh My God, I would defend PK to be much more. The only haphazard part in the film seems to be Sushant Singh Rajput’s role which is wrapped up way earlier in the first half itself.

PK Review: Star Performances

Undoubtedly, Aamir Khan gives his best performance. The actor is simply lovable as PK and truly the character’s innocence drives you. The actor is known to opt for roles that are not simple and yet again he proves his acting mettle. He never seizes to lose our attention and he is just apt for pulling off this role.

Anushka Sharma too is lovely as Jagat Janini. She is the narrator and it is great to see the actress come this far. She looks fresh in her pixie cut and is a delight to watch.

As always Hirani’s films have a knack for having amazing side characters and here Sourabh Shukla does much of it. He is excellent as the pseudo-godmen that hit the headlines every now and then.

Boman Irani and Sanjay Dutt too are a treat to watch even in their small roles.

A special mention to Ranbir Kapoor for his cameo. Watch out for it!

PK Review: Direction, Editing and Screenplay

Rajkumar Hirani proves with this film that he is certainly one of Bollywood’s finest directors. His films are an experience and it is amazing how PK unfolds in layers as a film. With a strong social message, Hirani presents this film as a sugar coated bitter tablet. This comic dose of reality is a must for everyone. Like always he does not move away from a commercial angle and so even when the angles of love come to the story, he makes sure they are well blended.

Every song is situational and so you enjoy the PK music quite well with its storyline. Chaar Kadam is a beautiful watch and Anushka and Sushant’s chemistry is good.

The first half will leave in splits with its witty comedy but the second half drags a little towards the end. Hirani gets a little carried away with the story in the second half when Sushant Singh’s character is dragged again for a brief moment and to give Jagat Janini her happy ending. Otherwise, the film is just perfect with its multiple social messages and thought provoking nature.

PK Review: The Last Word

PK is a must watch and surely ends 2014 on a good note. When there is a confluence of smart direction, excellent content and an actor like Aamir Khan at hand, there is little that can go wrong. If you don’t end up asking the same questions as PK to yourself, then you may want to consider yourself an alien. I am going with a 3.5 /5 for this film.

PK releases on 19th December, 2014.

Share with us your experience of watching PK.

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  1. I am an SRK fan and I loved the movie very much. Hope this movie become a blockbuster. My rating 4/5. Desperately waiting for our King Khan’s Fan.

    • I am a big Aamir Khan fan and I believe that PK is nothing close to any of Raju Hirani’s one.
      Average watch. 2.5/5

  2. not seen before??? You forgot OMG? {oh my god!
    or you haven’t seen OMG before!

    admit it hirani got it wrong thistime. .. :-( weakest of hirani film still better than masala craps, but resembles OMG

  3. I loved the movie. Even though I am King Khan’s fan I wanted to watch this movie as I was free today. I didn’t want to watch this movie but my friend insisted and I am glad I have watched the movie. My rating 4/5

    Waiting for SRK’s Fan…. SRK rocks

    • srks fan ha…..u love craps like crappy new year n n kank n billu n don??? the ruler of b.o is aamir….100cr 200 cr 250cr n now 300 cr possibly….the superior actor by far….srk n salman can do melodrama n massy crap to prolong their career while aamir rules b.o n audiences with variety

  4. Pk is an excellent movie,loved every minute of it especially the second half,the first half is filled fun and humour too.Thanks hirani and aamir for delivering us another classic,truly heartfelt. :)

  5. HAHAHAHA despo tingu fans posting their reviews in the name of srk fans is it so bad that u hav to do this?if film is so good let it be idiots dont post fake reviews.

  6. i m big fan of sanju baba
    i watched it for dutt sir
    sanju rocks again with his little role
    i give 5 stars only for sanju
    waiting for munabhai 3

  7. as per my opinion after watching PK…….instead of PK must watch OMG beofre you go for PK..then you will realise OMG was far better than PK…
    fianally its Amir movie …if you want to see Amir then go…

  8. Koimoi u r dong what?
    Just 3.5/5!!!!!!
    It should be 5
    Shame on u!!!!!!
    The movie is awesome
    Please dont compare it with OMG yaar.
    It was ***. Away from its title.
    PK is Film of ur emotions.
    Just watch it guys.

  9. Yes a great movie. I am just out from cine hall. sometimes it reflects Oh My God story line but friends the treatment is new from alien amir. Must watch it. I give 4 out of 5 stars. All actors doing their job well.

  10. 3/5 good movie one time watch dont compare to 3 idoits(blockbuster).after dhobi ghat,talaash,dhoom 3 flop aamir has selected very good script.dhoom 3 may made 250 cr but it movie runned on its dhoom brand and more screens and ticket hike.but public response was flop. but pk deserved more than 250cr

  11. Tooooooooooooooooo Goooooooooooood a movie. Not to be missed. But still……….. I found it an extension of OMG and hence I missed Paresh Rawal (without taking any credits from Aamir Khan for his superb performance)

  12. A mixture of Oh my God (paresh rawal n akki with leads) and the arrival of amir as an alien from (Koi mil gya)….. But Amir is d best actor v have….

  13. The extraordinary part about the film is the way an extremely controversial and emotive subject of false godmen has been dealt: with satire and humour. The fine balance and the care to separate God from his false interpreters will ensure that religious fundamentalists cannot raise their usual bogeys and that the mass of common citizen like us will be provoked into thought. To me, this is the shining quality of the creators. Of course, it is the nuanced quality of acting by Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma, supported ably by Saurabh Shukla that brings the movie to life and keeps us engaged.

    The only point I feel could have been done differently is the beginning. To keep the audience guessing a little longer on what is true and what is false, the film could have started in Bruges and PK’s story could have unfolded in the jail cell.

    My partner and I watched the film on the opening day and we want to see it again. That is sufficient endorsement of its quality.

  14. It is a nice movie. Well knitted with witty comics approach and latest god-man episodes disturbing us daily in TV or elsewhere . people must watch it.****


  16. bhai PK jaisi movie i have never seen ..gaZab hai yaar
    last seen is mindblowing……not boaring every time…maza aya

  17. Amazing movie….awesome is an understatement…climax was even more superb and heart touching…really feel proud to be an Aamir Khan fan!!

  18. Best actor awards of Aamir khan for this role. 10/10 movie… All time superhit blockbaster movie. mpre than 500 crores….. Must be.

  19. bollywood me Big B ,dilip kumar ke bad aamir khan hi 3rd no. pe hai
    pk dekh kar lagta hai amir khan apna ek perfection hai
    bina action ke ye movie 400 crore cross karegi

  20. this year in 2014 a rajkumar hiraani film the best director and best movie but bollywood awards now !
    ‘ hi pk opening colltion very good “

  21. best movie I think.
    amir khan’s acting is really very good.
    good story movie with good actors with good song. plz everyone watch this movie.

  22. Omg grow up friends it was just an average movie nothing new even I was unable to see a single breath taking scene which three idiots has many its just not worth the ticket price which I purchased. Omg was much better than this if you consider the message and hats of toparesh rawal he did the justice to the role. All along if someone else came with this story you definitely would have been saying copy copy. Such a hypocrisy. Be brave to accept it was not up to the mark like he has done before. God bless

  23. I think it is not a well made film. Acting is good. But story telling,background score,Cinematography, are average. Yes it is similar with OMG. But film making is not up to the mark.Better luck next time Mr Hirani

  24. pk par to turant roak lagni chahiye wa ise jail honi chahiye wa ishki kamai bhi jabt karni chahiye …… wa aj se mai kasam khata hu life mai kabhi fhi sale amir khan ki movei kabhi nahi dekhuga…. karta kuch or hai or dikhata kuch or hai … bakwas movei……………..

  25. Very motivated movie……. Definitely watch…. Thanks Amir Khan for give such type of movie in the finishing of 2014……..!!!

  26. awesome movie ,movie’s massage attt ,, eho jehi movie phela kde ni bni na agge bn skdi aw #owsm
    AAMIR di mvie bekar ho e ni skdi kde,

  27. best movie in the world ,,,,
    aisi movie kabi ban hi ni sakti ,,,, best movie ,,,
    superb aaaamir ,,,

  28. PK Is The very very Fantastic movie ”””” I realy Like this movie ”””” True story ””’ Outstanding acting ””” I Love U Aamir Bhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Ummmmmmmmmmah……………….

  29. Some scenes are really disturbing religious sentiments..Is there any Director having guts on making movie on Fake muslim AllahaMan!

  30. pathetic second half….alien falls in love-alien comes without any reasons!! above all message of religion was far far better in OMG. PK is a disaster…waste of money ..waste of time

  31. Script is strong..Dialogue delivery and Timing is perfect… Amir khan,s dialects…are a bit difficult to comprehend at some spots…Direction and Set Designing Excellent….Anushka.Sharma a bit puffy looking expression….Amir Khan is good as always..Belgium location and theme songs marvelous….All spices mixed,ground and presented with best cinematography …..

  32. How does it matter if one eats with a spoon, a fork or by hand? We are all trying to eat the same food. Can’t believe people make movies to mock at each other’s differences without understanding the commonality among them. Such immature!!
    Every life or form is an expression of divine. Every form – be it a mountain, a river or an animal, is associated with certain expression. While being with such forms, a being can absorb positive energy associated with such forms easily. In this regard, Hinduism has the culture to worship many forms-a mountain, a river , even space , fire , almost everything b’cos being in proximity with such forms balances one’s energy and when one’s energy’s are balanced, he/she causes no troubles to others or to oneself. This also leads to one’s living with utmost content and happiness and a person can easily meditate with this inner state.
    All the external worships, walking on bare foot to mountains etc that are seen are the ways to shed egoism, jealousy and other weaknesses and to become one with nature and around. These are the easy tools to bring one’s energy balanced thus leading to utmost happiness and content in one’s own life.
    Let’s hold each other’s hand and celebrate our differences instead of mocking at each other. I am sure life would be boring if we all looked same. Let’s make mother Earth a heaven to live!!!!

    • This comment really expresses my point. This movie is made by immature for masses. Again my friend said “Masses Are Asses” which goes without saying…
      Love wins in the end. Even if Hindu marries a Muslim, married life is not all bliss. Marriage has its ups and downs….if you love a person you will live with them if you can….

  33. alas ! i can`t image that picture will be so comedian joker & magician. no never ………`TARE JAMIN PAR’,

  34. What a great film. Watched it four times and took the whole family an we are not Indian. The finest parts of the film in my opinion relate to the sheer raw emotions that PK can bring out in all of us. Amazement, Fear, Being lost far from home, Love and frustration with the prospect of realizing that we have no labels. A must see and be sure that you bring a friend.

  35. Flim was awesome,very very nice flim..
    noone words or scean which we can say wrong…

  36. pk is awesome movie
    aamir khan’s profomence is rocks
    aamir khan is a great actor
    i think Aamir khan is the real”the king of kings”in bollywood


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