WWE Offers Help To Jon Moxley
Jon Moxley Gets A Helping Call From WWE ( Photo Credit – Getty Image ; Wikipedia )

The sour relations between Jon Moxley aka Dean Ambrose and WWE are known to everyone. The former Champion never misses a chance to take a dig at his previous promotion, especially Vince McMahon. More than personal, his argument has always been about professional things. Now, it seems like the relations are about to get better.


Not Vince, but Triple H (COO of WWE) had extended a helping hand to Jon when he was injured after competing in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Interestingly, it has been noticed about several released stars, that they are in a good equation with COO but not with Vince. A similar thing we saw when signed Samoa Joe for NXT after a few weeks of his release.


It’s Renee Paquette who made an interesting revelation during the latest episode of the Oral Sessions podcast. The episode was graced by Cassie Lee and Jessica Mckay.

Speaking of Jon Moxley’s incident, Renee said, “Even when Jon left, there were times that Hunter pulled me aside because Jon was injured when he came back from New Japan. Hunter kept checking in to make sure that Jon was okay. If he needed anything, they would have been able to help him in any kind of capacity. So it was nice to know that that olive branch was still extended, and it wasn’t that heat-seeking thing that everybody thinks that it is. We’ve all spent so much time together and nothing bad went down.”

It’s really good to see Triple H, the COO of WWE, offering help to Jon Moxley, star of rival promotion (AEW). Hope there will be only healthy competition in the coming days!

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