WWE Vince McMahon Threatened Lita To Fire As She Didn’t Want To Have S*x With Edge
When WWE’s Vince McMahon Threatened To Fire Lita If She Did Have S*x With Edge In The Ring ( Photo Credit – Episode Still ; Twitter )

The controversial segment between Edge and Lita is one of the most talked about moments from the attitude era. As the Rated-R superstar wanted to celebrate his victory by having s*x with Lita in the middle of the ring, the moment was indeed controversial in 2006. However, Lita once claimed that WWE forced her to do so, which doesn’t paint WWE in a very good light if true.

There have been various incidents that entertainment companies believe would work for the audiences, but in reality they fail to do so. One such incident was the moment between Edge and Lita back in WWE’s Raw episode in 2006. Read on to find out when the former WWE Diva made shocking revelations that went behind the scene before the incident.

WWE Hall of Famer Lita made a massive revelation during her Twitch stream, saying WWE threatened to fire her if she refused to do this segment with Edge on RAW. Vince McMahon did not care about her comfort, and she was under intense pressure to partake.

Vince McMahon said, “So Amy, to celebrate Adam’s title win last night, you’ll go to that ring tonight & have sex in front of 15k fans & millions of TV viewers.” While replying, Lita said, “But I don’t feel comfortable doing that…” The WWE executive said, “If you don’t do that, you’re fired!!”

The WWE hall of famer also added that Edge, John Cena, and many other executives tried to stop the segment, but Vince McMahon liked it and went ahead with it.

Lita was effectively told that her job was on the line and that if she didn’t go through with it, she would be fired. She later added the incident ultimately led to her leaving WWE, and the company buried her on the way out.

Being one of the greatest female performers in WWE history, Lita retired a year after the incident. Sadly, her final bout saw her receive chants of “hoe” and “slut” after her alleged real-life affair with Edge. After her retirement, Lita made semi-regular appearances for WWE and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014.

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