Wrestlemania 37 Is Without Undertaker, On All Eyes On Edge, Roman Reigns & Bobby Lashley
Wrestlemania 37 Is Without Undertaker, Edge, Roman Reigns & Bobby Lashley To Handle The Situation
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WWE fans are all geared up for Wrestlemania 37 and the excitement in the air is like crazy. But there’s one thing everyone surely going to miss is the presence of Undertaker. Yes, the deadman had been part of the event for the last 30 years and now, as he is no longer a part of the biggest stage, there’s a huge responsibility on the shoulders of Edge, Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns.


Brushing up the memory, the deadman made his Wrestlemania debut in 1991. During his very first match, he defeated legend Jimmy Snuka and made his impact in the pro-wrestling world. Since then, no legend managed to defeat the man from Death Valley on the biggest stage of pro-wrestling. It was until 2014 when Brock Lesnar defeated him in a highly entertaining match and broken the unbeaten streak. The deadman closed his career’s chapter last year at Wrestlemania 36 as he played the last match with AJ Styles.


Yes, it’s pretty repetitive to see Undertaker winning against his opponents, but he never made it look dull thanks to the quality he delivered. Honestly, the 55-year-old was the biggest crowd-puller for Mania events. So, this year i.e. Wrestlemania 37 is really different. On the positive side, there’s a veteran like Edge who’ll be accompanied by Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns.

Edge had been part of one of the matches of Undertaker’s streak and that match is one of the classics WWE has ever produced. So, he knows how to get it done. He’ll be facing none other than Roman Reigns for Universal Championship at Wrestlemania 37. No matter what result will come, but the match is going to be a show-stealer considering Roman’s heel makeover and rated R superstar’s experience.

Coming to Bobby Lashley, he is a more aware and experienced WWE guy than Roman Reigns. In his second run, he is enjoying a dream push. And really, Lashley has improved his game a lot (more than just spears). Surprisingly, more than anyone, the promotion is banking on his name to generate huge box office returns and fans too are responding to it really well.

What are your thoughts on Wrestlemania 37 without Undertaker? Share with us through comments.

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