WWE Wrestlers Who Came Stronger Than Ever After Injuries
Edge To Ric Flair – WWE Wrestlers Who Made A Strong Comeback After Injury(Pic Credit: Instagram/edgeratedr, ricflairnatureboy, bryanldanielson)

Pro-wrestling and injuries go hand in hand. No matter how technically sound one is inside the ring, there’s a less margin of error while performing. In today’s piece, we’ll be talking about some star wrestlers of WWE who returned stronger than ever after suffering a career-threatening injury.


Without wasting any time, let’s have a look at the list:

Daniel Bryan He has made a name for himself by totally depending on his in-ring techniques. Despite being a well sound pro, the leader of Yes movement did had his bad luck as he suffered from a severe injury. He made a return after eight months in 2015 after undergoing a surgery related to nerve issue. But unfortunately, within just three months, he suffered a concussion on the brain. He was forced to retire in 2016. Finally, after a gap of three years, Daniel made a return to WWE.


Edge Who can ever forget Edge’s smashing return to Royal Rumble 2020. Not just WWE fans but even the rated R superstar himself got emotional when he saw the whole arena cheering for him after nine long years. Yes, Edge had to forcefully retire from in-ring action in 2011. Due to a neck injury and cervical vertebral fusion, doctors asked him to stop wrestling. He was warned of suffering a neck-down paralysis and even death due to a condition called cervical spinal stenosis.

Shawn Michaels – Shawn Michaels had been a wonderful performer during his entire career. It was back in 1998 when HBK was going in full force, he suffered an unfortunate injury in the lower back while selling a back body drop from The Undertaker in a casket match at Royal Rumble. Due to it, he suffered spinal disc herniation which left him out of the ring for as many as four years. It was in 2002 when he made a return.

Stone Cold Steve Austin – One of the best names in WWE history, Stone Cold Steve Austin had always been engaged in some tough action. Just like Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold too was enjoying a glorious run when he met an unfortunate injury of a broken neck during a match with Owen Hart at Summerslam 1997. It happened when Owen hit a sitdown tombstone to Stone Cold in the ring.

Ric Flair – Ric Flair is amongst the greatest in WWE history. This incident took place outside the ring as the 16-time world champion survived a deadly plane crash in 1975. The crash killed a pilot and left his fellow colleague, Johnny Valentine suffered paralysis. Ric on the other hand, got his back broken. Thankfully, the nature boy returned stronger than ever to make his name.

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