Box Office predictions - Tom & Jerry sees a good release, may fetch audience
Tom & Jerry Box Office Predictions! (PC: Instagram)

Tom & Jerry Box Office Predictions: After Tenet and Wonder Woman 1984, another notable Hollywood film which is releasing in theatres is Tom & Jerry. These are legendary animated character which have been regaling audiences for decades now. The best part is that they are not just restricted to kids but even adults enjoy their escapades. There is excellent equity that their chemistry enjoys and with the duo arriving on the big screen, it is even better.



The film has seen decent visibility going for it and though the promo isn’t great, the poster value is such that it can help get eyeballs. The timing of the release is not apt though as the film is more of a summer release material. Had it released during the vacations, it would have managed an even better response. Moreover, this is also the exams season for kids, which is its primary target audience.

Nonetheless, the good news is that exhibitors are giving Tom & Jerry a good release and it would be playing at all premium properties. All said and done, it will get a better opening than Hindi release Tuesdays & Fridays which is seeing a far low key release.

As long as Tom & Jerry can get an opening day of 25 lakhs or more, that would be some sort of a start at least for the animation flick.

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