John David Washington Would Love To Change His Birth Year If Given A Chance
John David Washington Will Change His Birth Timing If Given A Chance (Photo Credit – John David Washington/Getty)

There are very few actors who taste both- critical and commercial success in a short career. Amongst such is John David Washington. Son of a star actor and director, Denzel Washington, John made a space for himself with some strong performances.


John delivered a breakthrough performance in BlacKkKlansman. He added another feather in a hat with Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. Not just his latest outing survived a COVID-19 crisis but on the acting front too, he managed to shine along with maverick filmmaking of Nolan.


With everything going right for John David Washington, there’s one thing he would love to change if given a chance. Can you make a guess? It’s related to his mother, actress and musician, Pauletta Washington. It was during a recent chat with Variety, the Tenet actor revealed of changing one thing if he had a time machine.

John David Washington says, “The day that my mom found out she was pregnant with me. I would tell her, ‘you could wait a couple of years, get on stage, and do that musical you were supposed to do.’ I’ll be here, and I swear I’ll be the same person. Go ahead and get that jump shot off, sis!”

Now, that’s really sweet of him and we wish, he really had a time machine!

Recently, John spoke about his involvement in superhero movies and what would it take of him to star in one. He also quirkily answered what would we say of Marvel’s boss-man Kevin Feige approaches him for Fantastic Four.

While talking to Nerd Reactor, John David Washington said, “There’s so many. I think it depends on who’s asking, what the director wants to do it with me.” On being asked which character he’d like to play, he said, “We’ll see, I want to stay open. I don’t want to box myself in.”

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