Wade Barrett Criticises Drew McIntyre On Being First-Ever British WWE Champion
Wade Barrett Criticises Drew McIntyre(Pic Credit : Instagram/stubennettofficial, dmcintyrewwe)

Wrestlemania 36 has been a game-changer for Drew McIntyre. He defeated Brock Lesnar to become the first-ever British to hold WWE Championship. Ever since everyone is praising the progress of the Scottish Psychopath, but looks like Wade Barrett isn’t happy at all.


In the last year and a half, Drew has seen a huge push on the roster and the same thing has irked the former Intercontinental Champion. Barrett thinks he could have been the first-ever British WWE Champion but his opportunities were taken away from him.


While speaking with WWE India, Wade Barrett said, “A lot of people got very excited when he became the first-ever British WWE Champion. For me, it is an absolute disgrace. It is an outrage. Everybody on the planet knows it should have been me quite clearly. I had plenty of opportunities that were taken away from me, but ultimately, it’s not me I feel bad for. I’m not worried about me. I’m worried about the fans, the Great British fans of WWE.”

“For years and years, they’ve wanted their first-ever WWE Champion from the UK and for years they dreamed ‘Who will this be? Let’s just hope it’s somebody charismatic, somebody handsome, somebody heroic, and they’ve ended up with Drew bloody McIntyre. If it had been Wade Barrett, they would have got everything they ever wanted. So it’s really them who lost out. It’s the fans who were cheated. So clearly there should be protests, there should be riots, there should be bedlam and it’s an absolute disgrace that Drew McIntyre will forever be the first-ever WWE Champion from Great Britain,” Wade Barrette added.

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