Vince McMahon Finds Another Support System In Ex-WWE Star
Vince McMahon Finds Another Support System In Ex-WWE Star ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; WWE Still )

Ever since the cases of s*xual misconduct got unwrapped against Vince McMahon, several pro-wrestling veterans have shown their support to the former WWE chairman. Now another star, who is now an ex-employee of the company, has joined the bandwagon and below is all you need to know.

For those who don’t know, Vince is said to be involved in s*xual affairs with multiple female ex-employees, tracing back several years back. It’s learnt that he had signed non-disclosure agreements with each of those employees to not utter a single word about their relationship and paid them a big amount. As things continue to get nastier, legends like Chris Jericho and Jim Ross shared their views on the matter and supported their former boss.

Now speaking on the matter is Ricardo Rodriguez, an ex-WWE star who also worked as a personal ring announcer for Alberto Del Rio, who has shared his views while interacting with Wrestlebuddy. He said, “I know it’s a sensitive topic. And overall, it’s an unfortunate thing. I’m surprised it took this long, and it’s not just in wrestling. It’s in so many industries. So many companies where men of such high power and money, it happens to them. Not so much the getting caught, the act of doing something like that. And it happens a lot.”

Ricardo Rodriguez added that Vince McMahon will be alright as he hasn’t done anything illegal. “We hear about it all the time on TMZ, but to what [Chris] Jericho said on that podcast is illegal? No. Was it f*cked up? Yes. Morally, it’s totally screwed up. But it wasn’t illegal. So if you look at it from that sense, I feel like Vince is going to walk off and be alright,” he quoted.

Meanwhile, in the next few days, more stories are said to come related to Vince McMahon’s s*xual misconduct.

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