Jon Moxley Hits Out At WWE Promos
Jon Moxley Talks About WWE Promos (Pic Credit: WWE Still)

The equation between WWE and Jon Moxley is not hidden from anyone. The promotion that made Dean Ambrose out of Jonathan David Good, is now an all-time favourite enemy of Moxley. The latest entry to the rivalry book is Moxley’s hard-hitting dig at Vince McMahon-led company’s promos.


This time not a personal attack but Moxley hit out at unnecessary dragging of promos by WWE. He made a point about how his previous promotion doesn’t keep it simple and makes it boring for viewers. And yes, as usual, he did use a lot of ‘F bombs’.


While hosting a special Q&A episode of Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast, Jon Moxley said, “It’s like a, kinda like a wrestling match or a promo. That’s why WWE promos f*cking s*ck, cause they jammed 5,000 f*cking words in there that aren’t necessary. Say what you want to say, mean what you want to say, get your point across. ‘I’m going to beat your ass on Saturday night because I don’t like you,’ boom, done.”

Jon Moxley added further, “Sometimes in a match, it’s like, okay, we planned on all these f*cking spots, but what is this story? What are we trying to get at? You’re the good guy, you’re the bad guy. You’re big, you’re small, you’re tall, you’re short. Whatever the contrast of styles or the story we’re telling is, why do we have all this? Sometimes you just look at it and go, you know what? We don’t need all that extra sh*t.”

Moxley left WWE in 2019 and immediately shot to fame with his stint in All Elite Wrestling (AEW). He enjoyed a splendid run in World Wrestling Entertainment with his gimmick of a lunatic fringe.

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