Former WWE Star Braun Strowman Reveal His Career Choice
Braun Strowman Makes A Surprising Revelation(Photo Credit: Instagram)

WWE fans still couldn’t believe that Braun Strowman was released by the promotion when he was in his prime. However, seems like the man himself has moved on. He is enjoying his life and continues to transform his physique. In a recent interesting development, Braun has been approached by Vince McMahon and co. for rehiring. But that’s not something we will be talking about here.

As we all know, Braun is known for sharing personal deets with his fans and interact with them. One such interaction revealed an unknown side of the ‘monster among men’. He spoke about his career choice and it has left everyone a bit surprised. Any guesses, what it could be?

Recently, Braun Strowman answered some of his fans’ questions through Instagram stories. One of his fans asked, “If you could pick one job on the planet and do that for the next 20 years, what would it be and why?” Replying to him, Braun said, “In all honesty, probably a motivational speaker. I’ve been through a lot of rough stuff in my life and I like sharing it to help others and show people that you can overcome things that’ve been in your past.”

Now, that’s a bit of a revelation!

Meanwhile, those who follow Braun Strowman closely would know that he has struggled a lot in the past over his body structure. He even once shared of being bullied since childhood.

“I hated the way I looked. I’ve always struggled with body dysmorphia. It’s still a tough battle, but I try to remind myself it’s a process and I have my whole life to work on this. I admire the work I’ve put into this to change my life for the better,” Braun shared while speaking to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated.

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