WWE: Braun Strowman On His Childhood Struggle
WWE Fame Braun Strowman Opens Up On His Struggle (PC: Braun Strowman/Facebook)

The rise of Braun Strowman in WWE is seriously a case study. Unlike other giants in the industry, the pro-wrestler changed the way he used to live to shine in his profession. To say the least, he is one of the swift wrestlers with monstrous weight in history.

Braun was introduced as a member of Bray Wyatt-led Wyatt family. Initially, he gave the impression of just another big guy who is there to scare people. But post his return in 2018, Braun has shown a huge improvement in his wrestling skills and of course, body. Thanks to all hard work, the ‘monster among men’ is getting a much-deserved push and now, surprisingly, he is a favourite figure among children.



But as we all know, behind every success story there’s a share of heart-wrenching struggles and moments. The same was the life for the WWE star. In a chat with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Braun Strowman revealed being bullied during childhood. He even confessed to struggling with body dysmorphia. All such things are the reason he agreed to a storyline with Shane McMahon, in which he was teased as a brainless creature with only a big body.

Braun Strowman said, “My whole life, I’ve always been judged. That’s what I liked about this storyline with Shane. I look like a giant, and I’ve always dealt with stereotypes. I know what it’s like to be bullied. I was a fat kid growing up and I was constantly bullied during childhood. People would think less of me or didn’t think I could accomplish something. I’ve been proving people wrong my whole life, and it’s a wonderful feeling. That’s what I wanted our younger viewers to see in that storyline with Shane.”

Speaking of body dysmorphia, Braun said, “I hated the way I looked. I’ve always struggled with body dysmorphia. It’s still a tough battle, but I try to remind myself it’s a process and I have my whole life to work on this. I admire the work I’ve put into this to change my life for the better.”

Hope to see more good work from the ‘monster among men’ in the future!

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