10 Happy Films Which Aren't Christmas Movies But You Can Still Watch Them On Christmas!
10 Happy Films Which Aren’t Christmas Movies But You Can Still Watch Them On Christmas!(Photo Credit –IMDb)

‘Tis that magical time of the year when we cozy up under warm blankets, bathed in the soft radiance of twinkling lights, and embrace our beloved traditions. You’ve got it right – the most delightful season: Christmas! As suggested by the title of this listicle, we’re fully immersed in the festive spirit, sharing joy and merriment. While some prefer the enduring classics such as “It’s a Wonderful Life” or “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” our cherished friends at Koimoi revel in the delight of unconventional film choices that effortlessly capture the magical essence of the holiday season.

Presenting a cinematic treat just for you – a thoughtfully curated list of the top 10 Christmas movies to amplify the holiday cheer in your season. Whether you’re nestled by the fire with a cup of cocoa or hosting a festive movie night, these selections promise to sprinkle abundant happiness and cinematic enchantment throughout your yuletide celebrations. Get ready to unwrap the magic!

Metropolitan (1990)

10 Happy Films Which Aren't Christmas Movies But You Can Still Watch Them On Christmas!
Metropolitan Poster(Photo Credit –IMDb)

“Metropolitan” intricately weaves a tale set during the Christmas season and New York City’s deb ball festivities. Tom Townsend, despite his outsider status in the upper class, becomes entangled with the Sally Fowler Rat Pack (SFRP). Led by alpha male Nick Smith, Tom forms an unexpected connection with Audrey Rouget as the SFRP grapples with the sustainability of their privileged lives. Stillman’s debut film artfully portrays characters with gentle humor, offering a nostalgic reflection on a youth searching for purpose. The movie, existing in its own insular bubble, captures romance, jealousy, entrenched mindsets, and new friendships through scintillating verbal exchanges, creating a rarefied atmosphere within Park Avenue’s social elite.

While You Were Sleeping (1995)

10 Happy Films Which Aren't Christmas Movies But You Can Still Watch Them On Christmas!
While You Were Sleeping Poster(Photo Credit –IMDb)

Sandra Bullock radiates in this romantic comedy, embodying the character of Lucy Eleanor Moderatz, a transit worker whose life unexpectedly shifts when she rescues her crush, Peter (Peter Gallagher), from an oncoming train. A misunderstood comment at the hospital leads to a case of mistaken identity, propelling Lucy into the affectionate arms of Peter’s family and laying the foundation for a delightful interweaving of relationships.

Bullock’s portrayal of Lucy strikes the perfect balance, infusing her character with just the right touch of edge. Bill Pullman, playing Peter’s grounded younger brother Jack, brings a mix of moxie and frustration to the screen. Together, they create a captivating dynamic that elevates the film.

Within this ’90s gem, heartfelt emotion eclipses intellectual reasoning, unveiling a romantic story that pleasantly astounds with its genuine charm. The film envelops its audience in a dreamy state of bliss, distinguishing itself as a standout within the romantic comedy genre. “While You Were Sleeping” persists as a timeless classic, eliciting poignant emotions while offering a revitalizing viewpoint on love and the intricacies of mistaken identities. Consequently, it beckons for a rewatch, particularly during the festive Christmas season.

Catch Me If You Can (2002)

10 Happy Films Which Aren't Christmas Movies But You Can Still Watch Them On Christmas!
Catch Me If You Can Poster(Photo Credit –IMDb)

The narrative follows Abagnale’s witty forgeries and bank robberies, making him the youngest Most Wanted pursued by FBI Agent Carl Hanratty (Tom Hanks). This delightful cinematic experience skillfully unveils the fractured family dynamics and disillusionment of the American Dream in the 1950s. Despite being perceived as a minor work in Spielberg’s repertoire, “Catch Me If You Can” paradoxically showcases his filmmaking prowess. Departing from Spielberg’s typical style, the film surprises with its anti-establishment undertones, blending lightheartedness, clever pacing, and empathy for antiheroes. As the holiday season approaches, consider this film a recommended choice for a spirited cinematic journey.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

10 Happy Films Which Aren't Christmas Movies But You Can Still Watch Them On Christmas!
The Grand Budapest Hotel Poster(Photo Credit –IMDb)

Set against the backdrop of the 1930s, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” emerges as a distinguished European ski resort overseen by the impeccable concierge Gustave H. (Ralph Fiennes). The narrative unfolds as Zero, a junior lobby boy, forges a profound friendship with Gustave, eventually becoming his protege. Gustave takes immense pride in providing unparalleled service to the hotel’s guests, going so far as to attend to the romantic inclinations of the elderly women who frequent the establishment. However, the plot takes an unexpected turn when one of Gustave’s lovers meets a mysterious demise, leading him to inherit a priceless painting and thrusting him into the spotlight as the prime suspect in her murder.

Wes Anderson, in his signature style, seamlessly intertwines elegance with a more playful and humorous tone than usual. Discerning travelers and ardent Anderson enthusiasts will be enchanted by the splendid Mittel-European kitsch, making this film one of the director’s most amusing and exquisitely designed offerings. Bursting with Anderson’s distinctive touches and meticulous details, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” offers a delightful cinematic experience, showcasing the director’s remarkable skill and finesse.

Just Friends (2005)

10 Happy Films Which Aren't Christmas Movies But You Can Still Watch Them On Christmas!
Just Friends Poster(Photo Credit –IMDb)

In “Just Friends” (2005), Chris Brander’s journey from an overweight geek to a successful recording executive in Los Angeles takes center stage. Battling the specter of unrequited love for his best friend, Jamie Palamino, Chris, now transformed and determined, faces a homecoming in his small New Jersey town. As Christmas chaos ensues, he must navigate old friends, contend with an insincere Hollywood star, Samantha James, and confront competition from Dusty Dinkleman, a blast from their geeky past.

Despite promising ideas, the film falls short of its initial potential, favoring broad comedy over its romantic elements. Ryan Reynolds’ charm and Anna Faris’ portrayal of the bubbly blonde bring unexpected humor to the table. Director Roger Kumble delivers an enjoyable, anarchic romp. Faris shines as the spoiled and talentless rock star Samantha James, delivering a captivating performance. Despite its flaws, the film proves unexpectedly enjoyable, thanks to commendable performances from Amy Smart, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Klein, and Julie Hagerty. “Just Friends” is a good watch during the Christmas season, offering laughs and a unique take on the classic romantic comedy.

Stepmom (1998)

10 Happy Films Which Aren't Christmas Movies But You Can Still Watch Them On Christmas!
Stepmom Poster(Photo Credit –IMDb)

After a tumultuous divorce with Jackie (Susan Sarandon), Luke Harrison (Ed Harris) plunges into a dramatic journey, embracing a new chapter with the captivating, much younger photographer, Isabel Kelly (Julia Roberts). Yet, as the unpredictable Kelly encounters Harrison’s children, their unwavering loyalty to their mother becomes a palpable source of tension. Despite her best efforts, Kelly struggles to win over the young hearts and faces an uphill battle with Jackie. It’s only when a looming family crisis emerges that the dynamics shift, unraveling a riveting tale of love and transformation.

It’s a delightful dream, elevated by Sarandon’s fiercely maternal portrayal while grappling with unattainable standards. The trope of premature death, often overused by screenwriters, feels particularly irksome in this instance. If undeserved emotional appeal is your preference, indulge. Under Chris Columbus’ guidance, they craft a visually appealing yet misleading narrative, employing shallow sentiment to offer simplistic and false resolutions to complex issues. Roberts skillfully navigates her character, presenting a likable, good-humored persona that might seem too good to be true.

You’ve Got Mail (1998)

10 Happy Films Which Aren't Christmas Movies But You Can Still Watch Them On Christmas!
You’ve Got Mail Poster(Photo Credit –IMDb)

In this enchanting romantic comedy, the expansive bookstore empire of Joe Fox collides with Kathleen Kelly’s charming shop in New York, laying the foundation for an unforeseen love story. Little do they know, their blossoming online friendship thrives, hidden behind the veil of internet anonymity. The plot’s serendipitous twists lack finesse, but the characters deliver clever lines that make for an enjoyable Christmas holiday watch. While the narrative is predictably sweet, it’s Kathleen’s emotional journey that truly resonates. Decades later, the movie’s enduring appeal reaches beyond nostalgia, embracing a blend of deep themes and heartfelt moments that captivate audiences.

Lady and the Tramp (1955)

10 Happy Films Which Aren't Christmas Movies But You Can Still Watch Them On Christmas!
Lady and the Tramp Poster(Photo Credit –IMDb)

In this magical Disney animated classic, the story revolves around Lady, a pampered cocker spaniel, whose tranquil life takes an unforeseen twist when her owners embark on the journey of parenthood. Cast adrift on the streets, Lady forges an unlikely connection with Tramp, a resilient stray mutt. Amid budding romance, their love faces challenges as household drama and stark disparities threaten their bond. This quintessential American love tale, portraying a spoiled heiress and a carefree fellow from the wrong side of the tracks, is eloquently depicted, offering both entertainment and charm. Classic Disney dogs endearingly capture the audience, while the film’s sentimentality, notably embodied through its canine protagonists, imparts a distinctive personality and vitality. “Lady and the Tramp” crafts a delightful, meticulously designed, and exceptionally memorable cinematic experience, enhanced by its endearing characters, exquisite animation, and a captivating score. A worthwhile choice for the Christmas season.

The Parent Trap (1998)

10 Happy Films Which Aren't Christmas Movies But You Can Still Watch Them On Christmas!
The Parent Trap Poster(Photo Credit –IMDb)

“The Parent Trap” (1998) introduces a charming contemporary spin to the ageless story of twins parted at birth, masterfully depicted by Lindsay Lohan. Drawing inspiration from its 1961 forerunner, the movie captivates viewers with the clever utilization of a single actress for each pair of twins, a technique flawlessly honed over the years.

The 1961 classic excels in character development, delving into the intricate dynamics between the parents. The characters are richer, the romantic relationships more palpable, and the portrayal of the obstructive stepmother gains an amplified malevolence.

The 1998 film, set against the backdrop of a transatlantic divide, resonates strongly with the essence of Christmas – a season revolving around family bonds. The narrative unfolds with well-timed light comedy, guided by smart direction and complemented by bright, faultless visuals that add to the film’s appeal.

The ensemble cast of the 1998 version, led by Dennis Quaid and Natasha Richardson, is exceptionally well-chosen, ensuring the movie’s appeal spans across generations. Despite its child-friendly focus, “The Parent Trap” weaves a heartwarming story of family reconciliation that remains impactful even twenty-five years later.

Slick, sentimental, and generously dosed with vanilla sweetness, this film is a timeless choice to keep spirits high. Whether you’re revisiting it for nostalgic reasons or introducing it to a new audience, “The Parent Trap” stands the test of time, continuing to provide a heartwarming and enjoyable experience for all.

Desk Set (1957)

10 Happy Films Which Aren't Christmas Movies But You Can Still Watch Them On Christmas!
Desk Set Poster(Photo Credit –IMDb)

In a workplace comedy filled with witty banter, Bunny Watson, a knowledgeable department head at a major TV network’s research department, discovers that the mysterious man, Richard Sumner, is an engineer with a covert mission to computerize the entire office. Despite Bunny’s astute awareness, a delightful battle of wits ensues, intertwining her job security with her burgeoning attraction to Richard.

In Desk Set, the timeless duo of Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, known for their on-screen chemistry, deliver a charming and often amusing romantic comedy. Despite the predictable elements, their matchless talents shine as they play off each other in this cinematic collaboration. The film cleverly incorporates the then-brand-new comic trope of an electronic computer, adding a delightful twist to the storyline. Amidst drunken Christmas office parties and outdated technology, Hepburn and Tracy’s witty exchanges and a scene of embarrassment create a splendid comedic experience that showcases the enduring charm of this legendary pair.


I trust you found our curated list appealing. Embrace the Christmas spirit this holiday season by indulging in each of the recommended movies. These films offer a refreshing alternative, allowing you to savor the season without overwhelming Christmas cheer. The selected movies skillfully balance festive enjoyment without an excessive dose of holiday sentimentality. The entire Koimoi team, along with myself, extends warm wishes for a Merry Christmas. Look forward to our New Year’s greetings in an upcoming article. Thank you for being a part of our readership.

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