Matthew Vaughn Calls Batman v Superman A Mistake
Batman v Superman Released in 2016 ( Photo Credit – Batman v Superman Poster ; IMDb )

The ghost of mixed reviews that Batman v Superman: The Dawn Of Justice got when it releases will forever haunt DCEU, who had plans to make it one of the biggest crossovers in the realm of superheroes. The movie that starred Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck went to get a mixed bag of reactions from both, the audience and the critic. Talking about it is now Kingsman fame Matthew Vaughn who once wanted to direct a sequel to Man Of Steel.

For the unversed, bringing Henry Cavill to the DCEU, Man Of Steel directed by Zack Snyder in 2013 was the first time he turned Superman. The movie was celebrated and in no time Cavill became the most favourite Blue Boy Scout of many across the globe. Matthew Vaughn who was closely witnessing this always wanted to make a sequel to that film starring Cavill.

But DC made Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman instead and the Kingsman maker now calls it a mistake. He talks about how the putting Batman vibe in the Superman world was not an ideal idea. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

Matthew Vaughn as per CBR said, “I just thought it was a mistake putting the Batman vibe into the Superman world. I just think they’re two separate — they’re just not relatable in any way, in my mind.” He emphasised on the fact how the makers should have followed Superman: The Movie and Wonder Woman’s blueprint to make the Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck starrer.

“It should be fun,” Vaughn said of a Superman movie. “I mean, look, The Dark Knight was obviously different, and it made sense and it was brilliant, as a film and as a comic. But Superman was always… I loved the Donner Superman movie, and I think Wonder Woman worked because, I think, Wonder Woman was basically remaking Superman in a weird way. Yeah, I love Superman.”

Matthew Vaughn further added, “I was desperate to do a Superman film. Desperate. I pitched a big Superman movie before they made Man of Steel. I just got to work with Henry Cavill, which was lovely, on Argylle and he’s unbelievable in it. I still think there’s room for a new Superman film, but a proper Superman film. A colorful, fun Superman movie. Not a dark one.”

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