Squid Game Actress Jung HoYeon Fangirls Over Zendaya & Speaks About Her Sweet Interaction With Her
Squid Game Star Jung HoYeon Praises Zendaya(Pic Credit: Instagram/zendaya, hoooooyeony)

Squid Game actress Jung HoYeon, who plays the role of Kang Sae-byeok, aka player 067, met with Zendaya at the 2021 Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards and cannot stop praising the Spider-Man: No Way Home star. She also talks about how the actress made her feel comfortable and at ease.

The South Korean show on Netflix became popular worldwide and started to trend in several countries when it was released. Not only that, but the series also topped Google’s most-searched TV shows of 2021 and broke several other records. After a successful season, one talks often talks about the second season.



Jung HoYeon’s character from Squid Game stole the hearts of the fans. During her interview with STARNEWS, the actress talked about Zendaya’s sweet nature. She said, “My meeting with Zendaya felt really comfortable. Zendaya is a star to me and someone I can’t approach. I shyly greeted her, but she approached me to chat and led the conversation.”

“In that moment, I wondered whether it was real life or if I was dreaming. Zendaya invited me to the set of ‘Euphoria,’ so I went. It was the first time in a while that I had gone to a set after ‘Squid Game,'” Jung HoYeon said, “As I’ve recently gone to a lot of events, there were a lot of situations that made me think, ‘What am I doing [here]?’ But when I went to the ‘Euphoria’ set, my heart felt so comfortable while I was just sitting there. I thought that I wanted to quickly return to set,” she added.

“After watching Zendaya act, we had a chat when she finished. To be honest, it wasn’t about much. We talked about what we eat in our daily lives and on set. While we were talking, I thought, ‘There’s a reason why people like this person.’ When I was with her, I felt at ease,” HoYeon added.

Squid Game actress Jung HoYeon, “She has the strength to make others relax. I think that’s a really important skill. I think Zendaya felt the same way too. I think that we connected intuitively.”

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