Mahesh Bhatt, Yo Yo Honey Singh choose metaphysical date-time '6-6-6' to announce upcoming 'Illuminati'
Mahesh Bhatt, Yo Yo Honey Singh choose metaphysical date-time ‘6-6-6’ to announce upcoming ‘Illuminati'(Pic Credit: Facebook, IANS)

Acclaimed filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and singer-rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh are coming together for the much-awaited project ‘Illuminati’. The creators decided to announce the details to fans on June 6 at 6 p.m.


There is a thought behind choosing the timing for the announcement of ‘Illuminati’. It is apparently believed that ‘666’ is the diabolical number of the Beast and Satan. With the show, the creators intend to mark the moment.


The project is produced by Vinay Bhardwaj and Raj Deep Mayer.

Talking about their vision, Raj Deep Mayer said, “‘Illumanti web series is an emotion for us. We strongly believe and have faith in the subject and its narrative. There has been a lot of curiosity over the years and it’s high time people should know the real side of it and who better than Yo Yo Honey Singh and that’s when I told my partner Vinay and today we have been able to finally get it to announce with the right association.”

“6/6-6 pm (666) is the chosen time to announce the series in 2022 and hoping it will clear the air and the truth shall unravel. Yo Yo Honey Singh is loved worldwide and so is Mahesh Bhatt saab globally, and this amazing combination is already creating intrigue,” he further added.

Vinay Bhardwaj said, “‘Illuminati’ is a phenomenon that people have misconstrued and misunderstood always, and I genuinely feel the wrong perception of the cult needs to be put forth in the right perspective. Who better than the man himself Yo Yo Honey Singh could do justice to the subject, who bore the brunt of the backlash at the same always.

“The series is creatively led by the veteran Mahesh Bhatt who has this amazing knack to highlight the good, bad, ugly and darkness to convert cinema so beautifully. Last two years have been like a lull phase in all our lives and the new thrill, action, drama, truth is what my partner Raj Deep Mayer and myself have got together for it,” he signed off.

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