WWE: Former Advisor Paul Heyman HINTS At CM Punk's Return; Says, "There's Nothing Irreparable"
WWE: Former Advisor Paul Heyman HINTS At CM Punk’s Return; Says, “There’s Nothing Irreparable”

WWE has been a monopoly of pro-wrestling and there’s a huge reason behind it. Apart from talented in-ring performers, the brand has been lucky enough to be blessed by some performers with amazing mic skills. And amongst such, the name of CM Punk will always be remembered for his rebellious voice.

The ‘Best in the world’ has been away from the ring for a long time now, but he makes sure that he keeps his fans guessing about the comeback. He keeps dropping some cryptic tweets on social media but there’s nothing concrete about his return. Even though he has some serious issues with WWE head, Vince McMahon, fans are sure that one day, the ‘Voice of the voiceless; will return as grudges are temporary in pro-wrestling. And Paul Heyman too agrees with the same.

As we all know, Paul Heyman had been an advisor to CM Punk, so who’s better than him to talk about the much-awaited comeback. Recently, Paul graced an interview with Ariel Helwani of ESPN. There he was asked about Punk’s return. He said, “I don’t know. That’s certainly up to CM Punk. Maybe Vince McMahon, or both. On that one, I really have absolutely no clue. You’d probably know far better than I.”

Even though Paul Heyman said that he doesn’t have any clue about CM Punk’s return, he hinted at thinks getting better between his former client and WWE’s head.

“There is nothing irreparable when it comes to wrestling and when it comes to Vince, especially now. The more things go down, the more something like that becomes enticing. But then it’s also up to Punk and does he want to wrestle?” Paul added.

Well, let’s hope that things between Vince and Punk get better as it will help WWE a lot to raise the excitement.

Recently, Paul Heyman even lifted the curtain off from several curiosities about Brock Lesnar. He confirmed that his former client isn’t under WWE contract anymore. He even added that if money is good and all other things fall in place, Brock will surely appear in the ring. Paul revealed that Brock Lesnar is currently enjoying farming.

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