Uorfi Javed Went Into Depression Because Of ‘Tuche Insaan’ Filing FIRs Against Her, Details Inside!
Uorfi Javed Went Into Depression Because Of ‘Tuche Insaan’ Filing FIRs Against Her(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Uorfi Javed (Urfi Javed) went through a tough time when several renowned personalities came forward and slammed her dressing style. Chahatt Khanna, Sunil Pal, Hindustani Bhau have been some of the celebrities who shamed her but others went a step ahead and filed FIRs against her. Chitra Wagh was one such politician who threatened to beat her up. Scroll below to know her reaction on it all.

It was just yesterday that Uorfi clarified that there are no FIRs against her. People have just filed NCs and she claims they’ve done it to grab media attention. In addition, Uorfi tweeted, “If they file an FIR, they will have to fight the case which they will lose in the court.”



In an interview with Miss Malini, Uorfi Javed has now confessed feeling depressed and her mental health getting deeply affected because all of such controversies. She said, “Scared, no. Mentally f*cked up? Yes. In ways like you know someone constantly telling you ‘you’re a sl*t’, telling you they’re going to beat you up. Tu *** hai, tu **** hai, continuously gaaliya dega.”

Uorfi Javed continued, “You mentally go like ‘aise kaise mujhe kuch bol diya.’ You want to punch them back, but I cannot do anything. So that frustration turns into depression. I do feel low at times but not fearful. Darti toh mai apne baap se bhi nai hu, ye tuche insaan mera kuch nai bigad sakte hai.”

Uorfi Javed also confessed that she should take professional help but is not ready to go for therapy yet. She also mentioned how she isn’t as powerful as most Bollywood actresses whose family would threaten media houses if they wrote negative about her.

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