Uorfi Javed Gets Real About Her Struggles Of Finding A House On Rent In Mumbai
From Religion To Profession, Uorfi Javed Lists Reasons For Not Finding A House In Mumbai(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Fashion is personal, and your outfits represent your personality. Nobody in showbiz proves this better than Uorfi Javed. The actress is not just known for wearing bold attires but also for giving bold statements that can irk many. While she had stated earlier that she was having trouble finding a good place to stay in Mumbai, recently, Uorfi revealed that the situation had not improved at all. Scroll on to learn more.

Uorfi appeared in Bigg Boss OTT but was unable to make an impact on the viewers. As a result, she was eliminated from the show quite early. But ever since her eviction, the fashionista has been grabbing headlines for her unique style statements and bold opinions. However, it seems that these factors are turning a hindrance to her finding a decent house in Mumbai.

Despite becoming a household name in India, Uorfi Javed has not been able to secure her dream house in Mumbai. She is currently living in a 1BHK in the city, which is getting congested and cramped. The diva wants to shift to a better and bigger place, but apparently, the landlords and landladies are not cooperative. While talking to Humans of Bombay, she said, “I am still not able to find a house on rent. The owner, society, want to be your parents- You can’t do this, that, can’t get boys home, can’t cook non veg. Really?! Focus on your kids. You’re renting me your house, not becoming my relative, so let’s keep it like that. The reason (for not getting house on rent) is because I am single.”

The other reason she mentioned for not getting a house on rent was her religion. “I am a Muslim. Now, Hindu owners have a problem that I am a Muslim and even Muslim owners have a problem that I will wear such clothes and it wouldn’t sit well in their community. So that’s their problem,” she continued. Apart from this, Uorfi Javed stated her profession to be one of the problems as well. “There is also this issue of being an actor. They have seen a few suicides in the acting field, in the industry in the last few years, so they are scared, that what if actors do the same thing in their house. But I feel mental health is a general issue, it’s just that when an actor does it, it gets highlighted,” she added.

Uorfi is fully aware of her celebrity status but cannot fathom why it would be an issue to find a house. “Paps are also there but they are not coming inside the house! They are downstairs, clicking pictures, what is the need to control everything in others’ life? I don’t understand. I am not getting married just to get a house on rent,” she concluded.

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