The Kapil Sharma Show: Mukesh Khanna Compares Show With 'Cabaret', Says "Millions Of People Watch..."
The Kapil Sharma Show: Mukesh Khanna Compares Show With ‘Cabaret’, Says “Millions Of People Watch…”

Koimoi has already told you about the recent controversy regarding The Kapil Sharma Show. Veteran actor Mukesh Khanna has brutally slammed the show by calling it vulgar. His Mahabharat co-star Gajendra Chauhan reacted on the same and said in a recent interview “Even Arjun dressed up as a woman in Mahabharata. Then why did Mukesh continue with the serial? He should have left it.”

The Shaktimaan actor has recently given it back to Chahuhan via a YouTube video in which he has compared The Kapil Sharma Show to a cabaret performance. Read the article to know more

In the video, Mukesh Khanna is fuming with anger on his Mahabharat co-star Gajendra Chauhan. He said, “I don’t have any hesitation to say that he lacks the knowledge of Mahabharat. He himself has done many vulgar movies in his career. How can one compare the epic Mahabharata with The Kapil Sharma Show? How can you compare Arjun’s dance in Mahabharat with the characters dancing on TKSS?”

Mukesh Khanna added, “This is not even comparable. I shouldn’t be saying but even FTTI students didn’t want him as their chairman as he has done many vulgar movies in his career. I had supported him that time. Today, I regret my decision of supporting him. If you can say something like this about your Mahabharat family and say that millions of people watch The Kapil Sharma Show, I must say then the millions of people watch a cabaret performance as well. But that’s not important, what important is what do you want to watch?”

Mukesh Khanna continued, “It doesn’t matter to me whether I was invited on the show or not but I know that I never wanted to go to The Kapil Sharma Show. I didn’t go to the show because I didn’t want to go.”

Meanwhile, Gajendra Chauhan had also said, “Even if Mukesh says that he was invited on the show, I do not think he was invited. Gufi Paintal may have asked him to join them on the show but it was as a friend. That does not mean that Mukesh Khanna was invited by the producers of The Kapil Sharma Show.”

What’s your opinion on the matter? Do let us know and stay tuned to Koimoi for more.

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