The Kapil Sharma Show is yet again into a controversy, a rather uncalled one this time. It all began as the cast of the epic serial, Mahabharat, graced the show. From Nitish Bharadwaj (Krishna), Gajendra Chauhan (Yudhishthir), Puneet Issar (Duryudhan), Gufi Paintal (Shakuni) and Arjun (Arjun) – the cast had a gala time. But one person missing from the frame was Mukesh Khanna aka Bhishma.

Over the past few days, Mukesh has expressed his disliking for Kapil’s show multiple times. He claimed that the entire country finds the show, ‘disgusting.’ Just not that, the Shaktimaan actor mentioned how all the men on the show dressing up as women. He said that they portray vulgar acts. If that wasn’t enough, Khanna also questioned the job of Navjot Singh Sidhu and now Archana Puran Singh.

Yesterday, Gajendra Chauhan reacted to all of Mukesh Khanna’s statement. He mentioned how his Mahabharat co-star was not invited in the first place. In a conversation with Hindustan Times, our on-screen Yudhistir said, “If you see the video, he has himself said that he was not invited and that he would not go on the show even if he was invited. This is like ‘maan na maan main tera mehmaan (whether you approve or not, I am your guest)’. When he was not invited in the first place, how would he even go?”

It seems the controversy isn’t ending anytime soon. Now, Mukesh Khanna has again used his Instagram handle and has hit back at Gajendra Chauhan. He shared a 5 minutes 27 seconds long video and captioned it mentioning, “Gajendra, tum agyaani ho.”

Mukesh also opened up about Kapil Sharma’s small stint as Shaktimaan. “Kapil had done a little skit on his show featuring Shaktimaan. At the time, Krushna Abhishek also worked with him. Maybe it was in Comedy Circus. Kapil Sharma did a little skit wherein he was in the Shaktimaan costume and there was a girl standing some distance away. There was a bed too. It is shown that Shaktimaan moves towards the girl but gets a call, so he flies away. He comes back and the same thing happens again.”

The Mahabharat actor further mentioned about how he called Krushna Abhishek and slammed him for the stint. “I said, ‘What are you doing? You are showing a pure character like Shaktimaan in such a light?’ Krushna told me that he was supposed to do the skit but Kapil wanted to do it instead. I said, ‘How do you tarnish a character’s image like this? Who allows you? Is there no censor to examine the content?’ This is the problem. There is neither censorship of ads nor such shows and even films. The new generation which films by copying foreign films, forgetting the fact that their culture is not the same as ours,” he said.

Check out Mukesh Khanna’s latest video below:

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