The Boys Season 4 Episode 6 Ending Explained
The Boys Season 4 Episode 6 Ending Explained(Photo Credit –Instagram)

The Boys Season 4 has aired yet another exciting episode, full of thrills, chills, and of course, poor Hughie’s long and painful threesome. The new season is now heading toward its conclusion with only two episodes left in the pipeline, and the series has surely shifted gears with a lot taking place during the hour-long sixth episode, titled Dirty Business.

As Tek Knight’s party went on in full swing, the Boys unearthed some crazy revelations about Homelander and Sage’s plans, while Butcher finally got a reality check that many fans already saw coming. Let’s have a detailed look at the ending of The Boys Season 4 Episode 6.

Is Joe Kessler a Real Person?

While eagle-eyed viewers already had their doubts about Kessler’s existence, The Boys Season 4 Episode 6 finally confirmed that he is a figment of Butcher’s imagination. Just like Becca, Kessler has been dead for a long time, and Butcher’s Compound V-induced brain sees his visions. Both Becca and Kessler portray the constant conflict in Butcher’s mind, as the former tries to become a voice of reason, while the latter makes him act on impulse.

The two imaginary personalities have a showdown at the sixth episode’s end as Kessler directly addresses Becca, confusing Butcher, who finally becomes aware that the CIA agent is also a creation of his mind, like his wife. We then get to see a montage of sequences where Butcher had conversations with Kessler, only this time, the CIA agent is nowhere to be seen and Billy seems to be talking to the air.

What is Homelander and Sage’s Master Plan?

After Hughie’s torture, Sage’s insanity, and MM’s panic attack; Starlight and Kimiko finally reach Tek Knight’s cave and are able to overpower him. The two free Hughie and the trio blackmail Knight into giving them the details of Homelander and Sage’s master plan, as otherwise they will transfer all of his fortune to different organizations.

Knight then finally divulges the details of their scheme, revealing that Homelander and Sage had made a deal with him to utilize his private prisons as internment camps for their dissidents. This means that after seizing power through Neuman in the White House and invoking the 25th Amendment, the Seven are going to go against anyone and everyone who opposes them, which is certainly bad news for the country.

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