Millie Bobby Brown Invites Wrath From Stranger Things Crew After Suggesting She Is Prepared To Bid Farewell To The Series?
Millie Bobby Brown Invites Wrath From Stranger Things Crew After Suggesting She Is Prepared To Bid Farewell To The Series? Insiders Say, “She Should Respect The Hard Work So Many Have Done” (Picture Credit: Instagram & IMDB)

Millie Bobby Brown is well known for playing the role of Eleven in the Netflix science fiction series Stranger Things. The British actress sparked ire after suggesting that the science fiction series makers have ‘prevented’ her from working on projects she is ‘passionate’ about.

The 19-year-old actress, who made her debut at the age of 12 with her role as the telekinetic Eleven, shared in a recent interview that she is prepared to bid farewell and move on after the conclusion of the fifth and final season. However, her candid statements have allegedly ruffled some feathers among the crew working behind the scenes.

Daily Mail report cited a source as saying, “Don’t be surprised if we hear from Millie in the near future bringing back her comments a little bit, because although they were her true thoughts, she now sees how it looks. Lots of people who work on the show, within the crew, are disappointed in her words coming out the way they did and feel she should respect the hard work so many have done for a show that made her career and pays her bills.”

The insider also said, “They all love her, and these comments won’t put a bad taste in their mouths for too long, because by the time they start filming and finish the show, this will be long in the rearview. But the comments have definitely hit a nerve for those who need a job like Stranger Things to make ends meet. It’s just seen as a bad look from many who work on the show.”

Portraying the character of Eleven has not only catapulted her into stardom but has also opened the door to significant film roles, such as the “Enola Holmes” franchise. Millie Bobby Brown is rumored to have earned a remarkable $10 million for the second installment, establishing a record for the largest upfront salary paid to an actor under the age of 20. Understandably, her recent statements about moving on from the sci-fi sensation that propelled her to fame and fortune have left some fans displeased, who criticized her for expressing a desire to bid farewell to the show.

In a conversation with Glamour, Millie Bobby Brown said, “Stranger Things takes up a lot of time to film, and it’s preventing me from creating stories that I’m passionate about. So I’m ready to say, “Thank you, and goodbye.”…When you’re ready, you’re like, “All right, let’s do this. Let’s tackle this last senior year. Let’s get out of here”.

Nevertheless, the British actress did express her gratitude for the valuable experience and resources the series provided, enabling her to hone her craft and become a more accomplished actress.

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