Schitt's Creek Motel Goes Up For Sale
The Motel Used In Schitt’s Creek Is In the Market For Purchase (Pic Credit: IMDb)

The motel in Schitt’s Creek is up for sale for $1.6 million (£1.16 million).


The Rosebud Motel, which features in every episode of the comedy series, is actually called the Hockley Motel and is located in Mono, Ontario.


The Schitt’s Creek motel was initially used as housing for Canadian basketball recruits but found new fame as the location of the much-loved show in 2014.

The Schitt’s Creek motel includes six units and a two-storey manager’s suite, as well as a detached guest cottage and barn, was purchased in 2012 by Jesse Tipping for $820,000 (£594,000).

While Schitt’s Creek fans flock to the motel in their hordes to snap selfies, it’s only the external shots that were filmed there – the interior scenes were shot in studios around Toronto.

Schitt’s Creek, created by Eugene and Dan Levy, tells the story of a formerly rich family who are forced to move to the unfortunately-named area after the IRS seizes everything else they own. (SVB/DL/DMC)

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