Riddhi Dogra says OTT moving from individual activity to family viewing
Riddhi Dogra Opens Up About OTT Platform’s Rapid Growth Amid More Family Entertainers ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Actress Riddhi Dogra, who is known for her work in ‘Asur’, ‘Pitchers 2’ and the recently released streaming series ‘Badtameez Dil’, feels that the medium of OTT is going through a shift.

The actress, who has been juggling with different OTT projects, and has two big theatrical releases, ‘Jawan’ and ‘Tiger 3’, has opined that OTT is slowly becoming a family viewing medium.

Elaborating on the same, she told IANS: “OTT is for individual viewing, primarily. But I feel the opposite is happening. There are many shows being made that are catering to the entire family. Or at the least is for family viewing, while he individual viewing continues. There is definitely a move in the direction of content for people to sit and watch together. We are a country that lives together. So on the contrary to what you’re saying, any platform will keep trying to get all eyeballs on their content, massy or not.”

Ever since Riddhi Dogra’s debut on OTT with ‘Asur’, the actress has picked up off beat subjects. When asked what compelled her to make such brave choices rather than massy entertainers on OTT, she said: “When I came into OTT, I had enjoyed a certain space of recognition through my work there. I never left tv for any other medium but for my growth as an artist. So I knew that if I’m leaving behind the privilege of having an entire show on my shoulders and the spotlight that it brings, I have got to push myself as an actor and do something that pushes me in a new direction. I guess that’s why the choices.”

She also shared that to effectively manage all the characters for the long-format content, she prepares well in advance before the cameras start rolling.

Riddhi Dogra shared with IANS: “I invest time in the characters with my team before going on set. I ask all my questions in prep. On set I like to be as prepared as I can be and not confuse myself or try to find the character in the middle of execution. When it’s show time you don’t sit and make your character. Likewise I can’t carry the character after the work is done. I feel like writing exam papers, every time a scene is done. You prep beforehand, do your scene and then after the cut, move onwards.”

The portrayal of women in Indian stories has evolved to a great extent. Expressing her views on this, the actress said: “‘Badtameez Dil’ is a classic example of that. You see a very refreshing and real rom com. So while content is concerned, our show is a definite attempt in that direction. It may be a story about love on the face of it. But the writing is so interesting and real that today’s audiences are bound to relate to it.”

She added: “And about women lifting other women, I honestly feel all over the world for centuries, men have benefitted from pitting women against women. Making them insecure with each other so they’ll keep busy in the pettiness and stay in the background and men can rule the world. With the coming in of social media and the Me Too movement, women have rightfully realised it benefits us to stand together and lift each other up. And now that’s what is shown in our content.”

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