Raj & DK Talks On The Family Man Season 3
The Makers of The Family Man Shed Light On The Cliff-Hanger Ending & Teasing Season 3 (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Just like The Family Man Season 1, the second season of the show also ended on a cliff-hanger. The last scene of the series show featured a mysterious person sitting in Kolkata while waiting for a Chinese mission to begin. Now the makers, creators Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK, writer Suman Kumar and co-director Suparn Varmahave opened up about The Family Man Season 3.


During this conversation, they spoke about the teaser for the upcoming season, still scripting it and more. Read all they said here.


In a recent conversation with Now Showing, the makers of the show revealed that they are still writing The Family Man Season 3. Raj revealed the idea for the follow-up had existed ever since they wrote The Family Man Season 2 a couple of years ago. The filmmaker said, “The story was always there.”

The Family Man’s Raj continued, “Not that particular scene (the last sequence) but the idea of where the show is heading was always there even as we wrote season two. As we were discussing season two, we were discussing other ideas that are going to come later. So we knew where it was heading, what world it was going to focus on and what kind of things are going into it.”

Talking about the last scene in The Family Man 2, it was set against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic and the nationwide lockdown that followed. The scene shows a mysterious person sitting in Kolkata while getting ready for a Chinese mission with Guan Yu. In the conversation, Raj opened up about how the scene was shot separately because they were sure about addressing the pandemic in the upcoming season.

Talking about shooting the teaser for The Family Man Season 3, the director said, “The scene was shot later. It was representative of where we might go and where we might not go later. The idea is to give a little tease. Now that there are fans of the show, it’s fun to do a teaser. I am sure we are going to address it a bit (the Covid-19 situation), for sure, but if it is going to be little or much, that we have to sit and write.”

The makers were asked if Manoj Bajpayee’s Srikant Tiwari will be seen in The Family Man Season 3 as an exhausted with the deaths in the second season. Raj said they will stay authentic to the character and the Srikant challenges that Srikant is now going to face. He added, “I don’t know we have to write it. The idea is to being true to what’s going to come.”

Co-director Suparn Varma also hinted that it’s not going to be an easy ride for Srikant as his personal life is set to unravel. He said, “We have teased a different emotion with the Srikant and Suchi scene in the kitchen. So there is any way a big bomb waiting to explode.”

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