Pearl V Puri Case: Victim’s Father Issues Official Statement Post Mother’s Confession!
Pearl V Puri Case: Victim’s Father Issues Official Statement Against Mother’s Claims(Pic Credit : Instagram/pearlvpuri)

Pearl V Puri’s rape case is only getting more complicated with each day. The Naagin actor was accused of raping a 5-year-old girl in his vanity van. Despite legal restrictions, many have ended up revealing the identity of the parents of the victim. Ekta Kapoor, Divya Khosla Kumar, Nia Sharma amongst others have been actively fighting for their friend. But the latest development suggests a whole new take.

It was just yesterday when the victim’s mother claimed that her father was framing Pearl. Ekta Sharma’s extended family released a statement that claimed that the actress has been in a toxic relationship for over 10 years. She has been fighting for her daughter’s custody for a long time, and this was just a revengeful move by her husband.

Reacting to it all, the victim’s lawyer has now released a statement via SpotboyE. He maintains that Pearl V Puri is not innocent and narrates the entire incident that took place with his daughter. The statement begins, “I, Mr. Ashish A. Dubey, an advocate of the father of the 5-year-old girl in the Pearl V Puri case want to issue an official statement on behalf of my client. The child who is 5 years old was in the custody of the mother and for 5 months father had no contact at all with the child. One day when the father went to school to pay her school fees the child came running to her father and said that she is scared and she wants to go with him. Seeing the fright on the child’s face the father took her home.”

It continues, “On reaching home the child narrated what happened to her. The father immediately called the police and after a medical examination of the child at Nair hospital, it was confirmed that the child speaks the truth that molestation has happened. The child named the accused with his screen name (Ragbir). The father does not watch TV serials so he did not know him at all, nor he was aware that Ragbir is the screen name of someone. After further investigation, it came to be known that Ragbir is the screen name of an actor and his actual name is Pearl V Puri. When pictures of different other actors were shown to the girl, the girl said no.”

He even pointed out that his 5-year-old confirmed the name of the victim to officials. “When Ragbir’s (Pearl V Puri) picture was shown the girl confirmed it was him.

Later, police spoke to the girl and even the girl was made to meet the magistrate alone to record 164 statements. Even in front of the magistrate the girl confirmed the same story and identified the same person. The girl also told the magistrate that she reported the matter immediately to the mother. The mother shouted at Ragbir.

I want to make a few points on behalf of my client because a lot of false stories and accusations are made about him on social media by influential people.

1) The child came running to her father for help. So as a responsible and loving father, my client paid heed to the child’s problem and took her to the police station and got her medical done. Is that a wrong thing or a crime?

2) My client (the child’s father) never mentioned anyone’s name at all. The girl child named the accused.

3) The girl reported the matter and it was confirmed through a medical examination that the girl was speaking the truth. So where is my client (the girl’s father) wrong in it at all to verify her complaint. The girl’s mother was also called to the Nair hospital at the time of medical and she was present there. Why would a 5-year-old girl lie about this? My question on behalf of my client to all the influential people on social media is if a 5-year child of yours reports this kind of incident, would you not follow this same procedure for your own child that my client did.

4) Accusations, that it is a bad marriage, toxic relationship, bad husband to divert the matter from the actual fact, that the child has been molested is absolutely wrong. If the marriage is good or bad has nothing to do with what happened to the child. The child spoke the truth confirmed by the medical report so why discussion of all this.

5) The discussion should be that the 5-year-old child has been molested and the molester should be punished. Rest everything else is of no importance.

6) If influential people create such hatred to the complaint of the girl child against such heinous crime, would any other parent try to fight for the justice of the child?

My client who is a middle-class man is very deeply hurt by all these accusations because he is fighting all alone in this battle supporting the child. Is trying to get justice for a 5-year-old child against rape such a big crime that everyone is being judgemental about the father rather than actually knowing facts from the police.

With folded hands, my client requests that everyone lets the judiciary do their job and stop accusing my daughter of being a liar.”

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