Paul Wight On Daniel Bryan & CM Punk Joining AEW
Paul Wight On Daniel Bryan & CM Punk ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Getty Image )

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan are making headlines in the pro-wrestling world even without uttering a single word. It’s all due to the rumours of both joining the hands with WWE’s rival, AEW. While any official word is yet to come out, seems like Paul Wight aka Big Show has done the work for fans.


Paul confirmed that he has heard the news at backstage that both former WWE stars are ready to rock at AEW. Of course, he’s more than happy and guarantees full creative freedom. Paul thinks Punk and Bryan have a lot to offer for any promotion they join.


While speaking to The Ring Report, Paul Wight said, “I’m excited about it. I don’t really know. I’ve heard, of course, some backstage scuttlebutt. I’m friends with Daniel Bryan and CM Punk both. I think if either one of those guys made a serious commitment to come to AEW, they would blow the roof off the industry. I think both of those guys are incredible talents and they have a lot to offer any company that they join.”

“Both of them will fit and like how they’re treated much more in AEW than they will anywhere else. There’s a lot more freedom for guys like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk to really excel and give the fans what they love most about them. There’s very little micromanaging in AEW,” he added further.

Paul Wight has been away from the ring and is currently in a commentary role. However, he did assure of making a comeback very soon and is ready to fight Bryan and Punk.

“The fans are excited and they want to see them, so like most of the fans, I’m sitting back with bated breath to see what happens. I’m more than happy to chokeslam or chop or knock out either one of those two guys. I’m looking forward to the opportunity too!” Wight concluded.

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