'Lord Krishna' Nitish Bharadwaj Accusing His Wife Of Mental Harassment & Parental Alienation To Shweta Tiwari's Ex-Husband Raja Chaudhary Sacrificing Daughter Palak Tiwari For Property - 5 Ugliest Divorce Battles Of TV Celebs
From Nitish Bharadwaj To Shweta Tiwari – Celebs Have Fought Ugliest Divorce Battles (Picture Credit: Facebook & Instagram)

The entertainment industry was shocked when actor Nitish Bharadwaj, better known as Lord Krishna, decided to come out against his wife amidst his divorce battle and accused her of putting him through mental harassment and parental alienation. For the unversed, Nitish got married to an IAS Officer, Smita, in 2009, and the couple separated 10 years later in 2019. They filed for a divorce 12 years after they got married.

However, Nitish is experiencing a lot of difficulties in meeting his daughter. In a written complaint to the Commissioner of Bhopal, the actor demanded security for his daughters and accused his wife of parental alienation. He has even accused Smita of mentally harassing him.

In his complaint, Nitish Bharadwaj mentioned that in order to not let him meet his daughters, she has been switching schools for their twin daughters. Meanwhile, for those who are not aware, parental alienation is a situation where one parent unnecessarily puts negative thoughts against the other parent in a child’s mind in order to destroy the child’s relationship with the parent and turn him against the other parent.

Now, while people are shocked at Nitish Bhardwaj’s divorce battle going ugly.

Here are some of the other ugliest divorce battles of TV celebs:

Shweta Tiwari – Raja Chaudhary

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Shweta and Raja, for the first time, put their equation in the public eye when they participated together in Nach Baliye season 2. However, after they turned into a much-loved couple, people sensed trouble in paradise, and most of it was blamed on Raja’s alcohol addiction until one day, Shweta herself filed a domestic violence case against her then-husband.

After she filed for divorce, things started turning ugly, and a lot of mud-slinging was involved until Shweta agreed to give away her jointly owned property – a flat worth 93 lakh to Raja as a part of their divorce agreement and sole custody of their daughter Palak Tiwari to Shweta. In an interview with Hindustan Times, the actress later confessed, “I was shocked when Raja said, I will sacrifice my daughter for property. Give me the flat, and I will give you a divorce.”

Nisha Rawal – Karan Mehra

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TV’s loved Naitik from Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai stole the limelight when his wife Nisha Rawal filed a domestic violence case against him and shared pictures of her bloodied and wounded face. What happened next was unbelievable. Fans witnessed an ugly battle with accusations of extra-marital affairs to character assassinations.

Talking to the media, as quoted by India TV, Karan Mehra revealed, “Nisha is dating a man named Rohit Satia. He has been around with us for a long time. He posed as Nisha’s rakhi brother and also performed her kanyadaan, and I could never think that something like this would conspire between them. He is staying at my house with Nisha, and my little son is present in the same, which is morally questionable at many levels. Bhai-Bahan Ka Rishta Pavitra Rishta Hota Hai. But in this situation, it has become a joke.”

Later, after making a lot of accusations at Karan, Nisha asked for peace and said, “I want to raise a child in a healthy environment, and if Karan Mehra can’t contribute, then please back off. Let me live my life.” She did not demand any alimony but only sole custody of her child, Kavish.

Dimpy Ganguly – Rahul Mahajan

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It was a dream-meets-drama wedding for Rahul and Dimpy, who got married on a show called Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jaayega, which was aired on NDTV and was a version of Swayamvar. However, after they got married on television, it was not the fairy tale they had expected. One night, Dimpy walked out of her house with bruises all over her body and let the media click her, alleging that she was a victim of domestic violence. A Mumbai Mirror report published at that time also said that Rahul allegedly pointed a gun at Dimpy once and had temper issues.

The report quoted, “Rahul beat her up early on Thursday morning after waking her up to know the contents of a message that had just beeped on her phone. Since the phone had the keypad lock on, Rahul was unable to operate it. The bruises on her thighs, hands, and forehead were raw and throbbing. She feared for her life, her father’s life, who was at that very moment sitting with the man who had been beating her up.”

Shweta Tiwari – Abhinav Kohli

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Shweta was unlucky in marriage for the second time when she filed a domestic violence report against her second husband, Abhinav Kohli. In fact, she even suggested that Abhinav tried to misbehave with her daughter Palak. In fact, Raja Chaudhary, in an interview, confirmed that while Shweta was doing a reality show, he saw Abhinav inappropriately touching his daughter, and they both had such a heated argument that they landed up in the Police Station.

However, Palak Tiwari, during the divorce battle, came forward and posted a message in support and against her stepfather at the same time. She categorically denied being inappropriately touched but wrote, “He did persistently make inappropriate and disturbing remarks, the impact of which is only known to my mother and I, and if any woman from any walk of life were to hear them, she would be greatly embarrassed and provoked too. Words that would question the standing dignity of any woman, which you wouldn’t expect to hear from any man, especially not your ‘father.’

Daljeet Kaur – Shalin Bhanot

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Daljeet and Shalin were a happy couple until, one day, the actress filed a case of domestic violence against Shalin. In an interview with the Times of India, she confessed, “He pushed me in my father’s presence. My thigh was bruised for almost a month. But I forgave him, thinking it takes time for a marriage to work. On another occasion, he twisted my arm in front of his parents. But I finally decided enough was enough when he came charging towards me while I had Jaydon in my arms. It could have turned fatal for my 40-day-old premature child. That day, I left for my parents’ home in Bangalore.”

All these ex-couples fought a long battle legally and faced media trials as well. Hope Nitish Bharadwaj and his wife sort out their differences amicably and do not let the kids bear the brunt of their decisions.

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