Monica Dogra Recalls Horrific Childhood Experience: “Was Touched Inappropriately By A Family Friend In Sleep”
Monica Dogra Comes Out Of The Closet & Identifies Herself As Pansexual! ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Monica Dogra has proved herself to be quite a versatile personality over the years. She rose to fame as a musician. The beauty eventually even entered the world of acting and has left us swooned by her latest performances in Cartel and The Married Woman. But she’s now making a bold choice as she identifies herself as pansexual. Scroll below for all the details.

Our country has evolved so much in terms of gender and sexual identity. Despite that, there remain several Bollywood stars who still prefer not to come out of the closet. Monica is now breaking barriers as she opens up about her preferences and recalls the horrific childhood she experienced as a woman.



Monica Dogra told Hindustan Times, “Growing up, I was ashamed of my gender for the most part. I remember when I first started showing signs of having breasts I just wept thinking my life was now over. No more freedom for me. I was becoming a woman. I was molested by my cousins in India and touched inappropriately by a family friend in my sleep. I think I am just another story amongst many stories similar to mine. My biggest outlet for truth-telling and exploration has been my art. If you look at my music videos and listen to my lyrics, I’ve been revealing my soul for a long time.”

It was quite a journey in terms of identifying her sexual preferences for Monica Dogra. She recalls, “I was drunk at a party. It wasn’t until much later, that I felt I had fully fallen in love with a biological female who was masculine presenting. That really screwed with my head. Up until that point, I identified as straight. Suddenly, I had no idea who I was. I had a bit of an “aha” moment when I figured maybe I’m bisexual. At that point, I still didn’t know what pansexuality meant. But I knew I liked feminine energy men and masculine energy women. This was 6-7 years ago. Soon, I came across several verbiages around pansexuality, and now I think that’s the most real fit for me. I am surprised all the time by what I find beautiful.”

More power to Monica Dogra for inspiring us to openly accept who we truly are!

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