Mirzapur's Pankaj Tripathi Wants To Play Rasika Dugal's Beena If Not Kaleen Bhaiya, Here's Why!
Mirzapur’s Pankaj Tripathi Wants To Play Rasika Dugal’s Beena If Not Kaleen Bhaiya, Here’s Why!

“Oh Pankaj, aren’t you just perfect?” Isn’t that the very first thing we say after watching Pankaj Tripathi deliver his best in a film or a web series. Be it as Guruji in Sacred Games, Sultan in Gangs of Wasseypur, or making us smile from ear to ear in Masaan, Newton and Stree, the actor always leaves us in awe no matter how challenging the role might be. Such is his acting calibre that you can trust Pankaj Tripathi to play the most challenging of roles with absolute ease.

The excitement is surely uncontrollable to see what he does as the King of Mirzapur as the much-awaited second season streams exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on October 23. Despite being the undisputed fan favourite of the show, it so seems that the Queen of Mizapur – Beena Tripathi, played by Rasika Dugal, is the one character that he’d love to play if not for King Kaleen.


While Kaleen Bhaiya, the cold-blooded killer and don is undoubtedly Pankaj Tripathi’s most-recognized character till date, one wonders what about Beena Tripathi has caught his imagination. It might seem that opposites attract for her shy and reserved demeanour, only to have a thirst for lust, seems to have perfectly captivated the extremely unpredictable Kaleen, who has a lust for power. As far as the two are concerned, one can’t wait to see if Kaleen Bhaiya gets to know about his wife’s dirty little secret that could shatter the entire Tripathi family. What we can surely expect is that with both husband and wife being at the top of their game, no one is toppling the King and Queen of Mirzapur anytime soon.


Speaking about the character of his on-screen wife, actor Pankaj Tripathi says, “I find the character of Beena Tripathi very interesting. If I had the choice to choose a character other than Kaleen Bhaiya’s I would have definitely taken up Beena Tripathi’s role because there is a mystery to her character and Rasika Duggal being the brilliant actress has portrayed the character perfectly.’’

Just like the game of chess, this King is incomplete without his Queen and the latter clearly knows that the game is over if the King is defeated. Well, with enemies ready to take down these two, it’s time to see if they sink or swim in this testing tide. The new storyline will dive deeper into the murky and rustic world of guns, drugs and lawlessness and traverses through myriad layers of vengeance, conspiracies, romance, drama and the formidable women power in the terrains of Mirzapur. The series is produced by Excel Media and Entertainment, created by Puneet Krishna and directed by Gurmmeet Singh and Mihir Desai.

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